5 Basic Rules To Help You Balance Your Work And Life

I:31:T These rules are written and specifically targeted for the family or couple owned business, but some of these rules could also apply to people who are in a more traditional J-O-B too.

1. No Business Talk at the Dinner Table. It is not easy for a small business owner to ever turn off considering their company. You see a duck crossing the road and it reminds you that you just forgot to send your client, Mr. Waddle, his substitution part for his XYZ. And even if everyone in your family (this may be you and your spouse or include each member of your family) works in the business, dinnertime must be to discuss non-business topics, to take a break. In case only two of you work in the business and there are more people at the dinner table, they may greatly appreciate knowing that you want to discuss what is happening in THEIR life, outside of the business.

2. Make Time Away. You work togetheryou eat dinner togetheryou sleep together. You need to get “Apart” time. Although you may both enjoy exercising – separate to do it. You run in one course and tell him to run the opposite way; you could meet back at the midst and drive back to the office together. Don’t have meal with your business partner everyday. Have meal with someone or a brother or sister (if you don’t work with them) at least one time weekly. Or perhaps eat by yourself and catch up on some reading.

3. Have Sex. Don’t plan it just like you schedule a conference with the accountant. But don’t just forget about it. The bedroom is off limits to business talk – the term “Pillow Talk” would not relate to a couple that actually works together. The days are more pleasant and more worthwhile if you have had sex. Research has shown that sex helps with everything from reducing stress to building your resistance.

4. Be Polite. If you worked with people whom you are not related to and they did or said something really stupid, you would not tell them “That was really stupid,” you would re-phrase it so as not to offend them. The same rule of politeness applies when working with your spouse and family. Hopefully, you will both end up laughing about it together, rather than her saying, “What did you just say to me?!?!?!”

5. Know the Strong points and Weaknesses. Most profitable working couples have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully one of you is the organizer and the other is the visionary. Recognize that regularly and promote the strengths of your partner to others when you are together. This will be a constant reminder that each you bring very important talents to the success of your business.

There are more tips and advice that can be shared to help working couples, but we thought these would be a good basic overview that can apply to any couple running any business.

Good Quote for today: “Success is not what you have, but who you are.”

– Bo Bennet

Scott & Heidi Shimberg are Serial Entrepreneurs who are actively studying businesses and opportunities in the online and offline marketplace. Share with Scott and Heidi their lessons in “nuggets”. They work closely with their business partners to find the true potential in each individual member.

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