4 Muscle Building Ways – Coordinating Diet And Workout

Everybody understands that the more intense you train, the better your results. What is often overlooked is the role of the diet in generating new muscle. This article has 4 muscle building tips to increase your gains and fuel your body. Eat right and step up your game.

1) Increase Calories Sure, you’ll need to consume more protein, everyone seems to be up on that fact. However, people forget that when building muscle, an increase in energy stores will be needed by the body to do its work. For good measure – depending on your current fitness – multiply your weight by 10 to have a target to shoot for.

2. Eat more! This is opposite from the way we usually think, but eating more times in a day with smaller meals will help top off your muscle gains. It will tell your body to release more insulin (diabetics: ask your physician) to metabolize the blood sugar. Insulin will help build more muscle.

3. Eat Before You Train The pre-workout meal should consist of complex carbs such as rice or pasta. This will take time to be digested and maintain an even blood sugar level throughout your regimen. The benefit: a more intense workout is possible.

4. Eat After You Train The post-workout meal needs to be high in simple (fast-burning) sugars as well as protein. The protein shake is ideal for this, and make sure it comes with sugar of some sort to spike your insulin levels. Insulin = muscle gain.

These muscle building tips have been time tested and after much research the past few decades. The relationship between diet and exercise can’t be ignored if you want your body to build rather than break down the muscle you’re trying to gain.

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