3 Recipes With Cantaloupe

The variety of melons known as muskmelons consists of a juicy, edible fruit that is characterized by its round shape and a ribbed exterior. Cantaloupes are a type of muskmelons..

Extensive variation occurs in this fruit. Some cantaloupes are large but others are small; some have pink or yellow flesh and others have white or light-green flesh. The flesh of these fruits contains a large amount of water; therefore, their food value is not high, being only a little over half as much as that of apples.

If melons suitable for the table are required, they ought to be selected with care. To be just at the right stage, the flower end of the melon ought to be a trifle soft while pressed with the fingers. If it is very soft, the melon is maybe too ripe; yet if it does not give with pressure, the melon is too unripe.

Various ways of serving cantaloupes exist. If they are to be served plain as a breakfast food or a lunch dessert, cut them crosswise into halves, or, if they are big, divide them into sections lengthwise.

With the melons cut in the desired fashion, remove all the seeds but keep the melons on ice until they are to be served. The pulp of the melon may also be cut from the rind yet then diced and used in the formation of fruit salads.

Again, the pulp may be partly scraped out of the melon and the rinds then packed with fruit mixtures and served with a salad dressing for a salad or with fruit juices for a cocktail. The pulp that is scraped out may be diced and used in the fruit mixture.

Recipe 1


During cantaloupe season, a delightful fruit salad can be made by mixing a number of different kinds of fruit with the flesh of cantaloupe and serving the mixture in the cantaloupe shells. Such a salad is a fantastic one to serve when light refreshments are needed or if something unusual is required for a light lunch.

Cut cantaloupes in half crosswise, yet, using the French cutter, cut some of the meat into round balls. Dice the rest and mix with any combination of fruit desired. Position this in the cantaloupe shells after cutting points in the top edge. Garnish with the balls cut from the cantaloupe but serve with any desired dressing. You can also sprinkle nuts on top to add a variation of textures.

Recipe 2


1 cup fresh blueberries 1 cup fresh strawberries, halved 1 cup sliced fresh peaches, peeled 1 cup fresh blackberries or raspberries 1 cup watermelon balls 1 cup cantaloupe balls 1 cup seedless grapes 1/2 cup sparkling wine (or sweet) wine, chilled 2 tbs thawed orange juice, frozen, concentrated, undiluted

Mix together all of the fruit in a large glass or ceramic bowl and gently stir to mix. Add the orange juice and wine and lightly stir again. Chill with a wrapping on it for at least 20 minutes. Mix again gently before serving.

Recipe 3

ERDBEER BOWLE (Strawberry Wine Punch)

1/2 pt strawberries, stemless, rinsed, cut in half 1 tbs granulated sugar 1/2 bottle German Riesling, well chilled 1 tbs brandy (preferably Alsbach Uralt) 1/2 bottle German Sekt well chilled

Bowle is a classic German party wine punch. During the month of May, throughout Germany, bowle is served flavoured with fresh woodruff (Waldmeister), a sweet scented herb with white flowers, which grows particularly well in wooded but shady areas away from hot sun. Later, during strawberry season, bowle is made with strawberries which grow abundantly everywhere. As German summer season progresses, bowle is prepared with other fruits like peaches, chunks of juicy watermelon, cubes of bright orange cantaloupe, or plump raspberries.

Put the strawberries in a substantial covered glass jar (a sun tea jar is fine), sprinkle them with sugar and drizzle them with the brandy. Put them aside to marinate for two hours to allow the sugar to draw out the juice from the berries.

Add white wine, stir, then set aside for two more hours. When finished to serve, pour into a punch bowl. Add Sekt and serve chilled in wide champagne style glasses, being sure to dispense strawberries with the wine.

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