3 Nasty Habits That Will Surely Make Worse Your Anxiety Symptoms

When that you are with an anxiety attack, you might be so desperate to get a quick fix that you can be willing to do anything to get rid of the nervous feeling. The doctors warn people who will undergo the healing that a lot of the terrible habits or vices will simply aid attacks of depression and anxiety. When addicted, these would also hinder the effectiveness of your treatment and disrupt the path to wellness.

Cigarette Smoking

Lots of people insist that they smoke because it calms your nerves. Nothing could be farther from reality, cigarette smoking cannot calm any nerves. Smoking constricts the veins making your heart even beat much faster. It looks not calm the nerves, but merely aggravates the nervousness attack.

To discontinue cigarette smoking is quite difficult to do because dependency, regardless of how minimal, makes it hard to accomplish. Most people attempt to quit smoking repeatedly prior to succeeding. They try patches and other types of techniques so that they are really smoke free and not nicotine-free. Similar to what the Linden method treatment is based upon, the sufferer decides to give up smoking, controls the craving and sticks by it. Several days will get rid of the nicotine in your body but the reliance to it takes a bit longer to lose. While trying to get any habit kicked try not to keep with friends or family who light up, they may influence your decision and perhaps you may end up having a single stick to communicate with them. There are times when you do want to try how it feels again to puff, but once you’ve made up your mind, even a taste of smoke in your mouth (despite how familiar) is going to be unwelcome.


Many people feel like consuming alcohol makes them “ignore” their anxiousness. In fact, the alcohol numbs your brain and sometimes it is mistaken as things emerging as just little bit brighter. Alcohol’s role in managing anxiety will never exist in this dimension or world, many people who may have experienced a major hang-over could confirm that their troubles with anxiety got difficult that includes one massive headache. Bear in mind that alcohol is an addictive substance and can be easily absorbed in the blood vessels. Alcohol-laced blood may often be responsible for a grave anxiety attack.


This is also often used to “stop” anxiety or make someone feel better. Mentioning several samples of addictive and damaging substances, this also adversely affects anyone’s stress and anxiety. Similar to alcohol, Cannabis or Marijuana kills off brain cells. The source of anxiety is a node in the brain, to tamper with the brain would just decrease your chances of being cured.

In the age where cure is not suppression or misleading the body, the Linden method will help you look for improved means to try to get your stress-free and addiction-free life again.

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