low carb diets

Though low carb diets are not as popular as they once were, there are many who are still using them, or trying them for the first time. They are much like any other diet though, and you can’t expect miracles. They do work exceptionally well for those who have insulin resistance and have problems with storing and using carbs. If you can eliminate carbohydrates from your diet, at least some of them, you might indeed have an easier time losing the extra weight. As with anything though, there are things you have to know about this type of diet.

You cannot eat a diet that has no carbohydrates what so ever. This is why many of these are called low carb diets instead of no-carb diets. You have to have some of these each day to function. Carbs are what your body uses as energy before it uses anything else. This instant energy is what you use for our basic functions, and you might find you feel very weak if you don’t have any. They are very hard to avoid though, and unless you are going to eat nothing by meat and eggs, you are going to get some anyway.

Low carb diets can be successful, but only if you almost make sure they are low fat and low calorie. You can’t eat an unlimited amount of non-carb foods and expect a low carb diet to work. You still have to watch your portions, and you still have to exercise. Until some magical pill is found, which is highly unlikely, you have to burn off what you eat and then some. Low calorie and exercise always go together towards healthy and permanent weight loss.

One important thing to remember about low carb diets is that it is not right for everyone. You have to talk to your doctor if you have more than thirty or forty pounds to lose to be sure you are not making a huge health mistake. If you have high blood pressure, or a heart condition, you want to be under a doctor’s supervision while you diet. Though low carb diets will work great for some, it might not work for you, and might even cause your health to deteriorate. Be smart about it. Losing weight is great for your health, but you have to have a way to do it that won’t further harm you.

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