The Reasons For Failing At Affiliate Marketing

This article is about the reasons for failing at Internet marketing. There are many reasons why people are unsuccessful at Internet marketing and everything else for that matter. Most people who write on this topic will say that the first reason is lack of hard work, the second is lack of originality and the third is lack of focus and I agree that these are the three main causes for failure, but I want to explore some of the other reasons for failing at Internet marketing

Lack of helpful content is one of these reasons for failing at Internet marketing. Too many inexperienced Internet marketers focus on earning money and they think that they can best accomplish this by firing a shotgun of web site banners at their visitors.

The secret here is so clear that nobody is trying to keep it, but, visitors to your web site have not come to marvel at your banners. They have come to be educated, to be amused or to solve a problem they have. And they want it free, so your banners are the last thing on their minds when they arrive. Particularly if they off topic. You have to have articles that are pertinent to the content of your site.

The more pertinent articles the better. The best type are absolutely original and unique to your website, however, some people cannot write well and others cannot pay to have them written for them. These people can get articles free from article databases (simply Google it).

The main snag about this is that you will need to keep the resource box at the end of the article on your web site. This will cause some of your visitors to leak away, but certainly not all.

I have several such sites and they are doing all right. A website of other writers’ articles is very easy to make, so you could have a website up in a day, if you want to swiftly create a website around a merchant’s special offer that does not fit into your existing websites. This can be very useful, especially if you want to build up a portfolio of say, 150-200 websites.

The trick here is to get your visitor to click on your ONE high-paying advert rather than leak out by clicking the link at the foot of the article. You can do this by putting the advert in the right place and prominent. The articles should concentrate on the keywords of the product you are promoting.

Those wishing to be successful Internet marketers must be prepared to keep acquiring knowledge. The Internet changes rapidly and new strategies and media are being devised every month. Twitter has only been around for four years and it just passed its 16 billionth tweet. How long have you been aware of Twitter?

Have you learned how to make use of it for marketing yet? Even if Twitter does not appeal to your target audience, you should have learned what is has to provide by now, so that you can make an educated decision.

Maybe, one day you will find a product to market where Twitter can be of assistance. Keep learning and be ready. This all boils down to hard work, because there is always someone claiming to have invented the next Myspace or Twitter.

While you are taking a rest from checking up on your next product or project, or the next social medium, you should improve your knowledge of programming or editing so that you can make improvements and alterations to your web site yourself in order to keep it looking new.

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