Portable Water Bottle Filter Good Anywhere

There are several drinking water options when people are away from home. They can pick up a bottled water, drink from a public water fountain or carry a reusable bottle with them. The third option is the best, depending on the type of water in the bottle. If it is water from the tap or water filtered from a bad filter, then they are not drinking the best water possible.

There is, though, an even better option. You can carry your own portable water bottle filter that has a built-in filter that will give you the cleanest water possible. This is also great if you need a refill from a water fountain. The filter will clean any water source.

Many people probably wonder why this is such a big deal. Could it really be that harmful to drink from a water fountain occasionally? The answer is yes. Many tests have been done on tap water, and even bottled water, and there are numerous contaminants present. You never know when there are contaminants in that water that could make you sick.

Having a powerful, dependable water filter for your home and while you’re on the go is the best guarantee that you’ll always have clean water. Your portable sport bottle should remove 99.9% of most harmful contaminants, including mercury, lead, bacteria, pesticides, detergents and more.

Such bottles are also great for trips when you might not have access to trustworthy water. Examples include camping or trips to foreign countries. You should be able to fill your bottle with water from rivers, lakes or questionable faucets without any fear. Until your next trip comes along, use the bottle for shopping, movie theaters and restaurants. It can be used everyday.

Not only will you drink clean water with a filter like this, you’ll also save money and help the environment. If you’re spending a lot of money on bottled water, you can save with a reusable sport bottle. Disposable bottles also harm the environment. So, if you’re worried about your health, your wallet and your world, a portable water bottle filter is perfect for you.

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