Geary’s Body Weight Exercises

For busy people using the excuse that they don’t have time to go to the gym, or for the people who don’t like to sweat, Mike Geary developed a routine for you. His creative approach has been successful for thousands of athletes and blubber-bellied couch potatoes.

Doing the Wrong Exercises and Your Belly Fat

It is easy to make a decision about the wrong way to lose belly fat. Probably the most appealing ad is the ab exercise approach, followed by the Transylvanian diet and maybe the newest “magic pill”. Believe me, these approaches are not the answer. Although appealing, these approaches are just going to waste your time and consume your money, not to mention provide your with disappointment.

Avoid Bad Foods When Losing Belly Fat

If you are trying to decide which path to take, one piece of advice is universal: There is no quick fix. If you are in a hurry, say in two weeks, it isn’t going to happen. Fad diets, supplements, and pills are not going to melt away you belly fat. An ab cruncher is not going to reduce the size of your gut. The quick-loss programs are not the answer.