Swedish Massage For Athletes: Health and Recovery

The history of massage therapy goes back about five thousand years. Different cultures have always had different massage techniques. From Persian and Chinese to even Egyptian cultures, massage has always been important. Most of the time, massage was used to improve joint movement and circulatory problems.

Get Regular Massage

People are being genuinely interested in massage forms. More and more people are beginning to realize that massage isn’t an old wives tale anymore but actually offers you some interesting benefits. A lot of scientific research is also taking place which backs up the claims surrounding this holistic therapy. So often should you get a massage? In most cases, regularly paced massage sessions are going to be more productive and provide you with better results.

Can Massage Help With Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness?

After severe exercise, pain and tenderness can develop in the muscle which is known as Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It may or may not be a symptom of muscle damage. Available therapies don’t always work for everyone even thought hey might be effective for specific symptoms of DOMS. Massage is the one method that seems to work effectively. Is it true that massage can help?

Massage and Scientific Research

Massage is generally considered an enjoyable treatment. Suffice it to say that body massage London isn’t just for pampering purposes. New studies are constantly proving the worth of massage and its various forms and there is enough evidence to say that this is a naturalistic form of medicine which can help change the way your body behaves.