A Few Tips Before You Proceed with Mole Removal

Must I consider mole removal or perhaps is my mole normal?

That’s a question I hear a lot as most people have no idea whether their moles are normal or are abnormal. Back again to the question, “Is my mole normal?” You basically want to look at the size, color and shape of your mole. The rule of melanoma detection is an excellent strategy to determine if your moles are normal or otherwise. It has been simplified into the handy little acronym ABCD.

Precisely what does all that imply? Let’s discover!

A- Asymmetry

Ordinarily a mole will develop in a symmetrical fashion; quite simply one half of the mole may be like the other half. In an asymmetrical mole the halves will appear distinct. This happens because one half of the mole is growing quicker compared to the other.

B- Border irregularity

Most of the sides of a standard mole are very .sharp and defined. If your moles ends are notched, blurred, irregular or notched you must visit your medical doctor and ask him concerning removal of moles.

C- Color variation

A normal mole will often possess a consistent or uniform color. If your mole isn’t the same color all over however has various shades of brown, black, red, white or tan you should start taking into consideration a mole removal treatment and talk about it together with your local doctor.

D- Diameter

The size of a mole will usually stay the same for a normal mole. If your mole is greater than 6mm or perhaps is continuing to grow you ought to see your local medical doctor.


When you have any of the above ABCD signs and symptoms on your existing moles you must call your local doctor right away and discuss mole removal surgery. Other symptoms may be bleeding, redness, itchiness, pain or a scaly appearance. Early detection is the best prevention for skin cancer in particular melanoma. It is best to be safe than sorry and don’t worry about the mole removal price as your overall health is much more essential compared to money.

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