What Is Organic Skincare?

What Is Organic Skincare?

Organic skincare – you will come across in almost every scoop, advertisement and discussion nowadays this one term. It is so popular. Do you know what it actually means, however? Well, it means that the particular skincare products are made only with organic ingredients. Now, you will be curious to know what is meant by ‘organic’. ‘Organic’ means produced from soil that has not been treated with any type of chemicals for at least three years before the present crop.

When the soil is free of chemicals, the product will be, too. Hence, organic means that it’s one hundred percent natural.

Why Organic Skincare Is Now Rising In Demand?

The past decade or so has witnessed a sudden rise in the demand for organic products among which the most popular are organic food and organic skincare. Organic skincare became a hot favorite with women all over the world because it was found to be effective in cure and harmless in side effects. Chemical cosmetics on the other hand, had a history of side effects with prolonged use. Hence, the growing demand for organic skincare. Working with this growing demand, more and more organic goods manufacturing units have mushroomed all over the world.

The FDA does not permit the makers of organic products to claim that they are better than their chemical counterparts are. However, there are many advantages to using organic skincare products, the most prominent being that there are very few side effects, if any, even when used for very long time.  Besides, organic skincare is best suited for delicate skins that usually invite bad allergic reactions from the use of chemicals.

For example, there are women who cannot use a non-organic lipstick without having their lips bloating to double their size. The same women, when they use organic lipstick, have absolutely no problems. There are many other examples, such as non-organic shampoos that caused hair loss, while organic shampoos reversed the problem.

There are acne cases where all other treatments failed, while shifting to organic skincare regime eliminated the problem. There are instances when freckles needed to be removed, or wrinkles, or white hairs – all of them found a cure with the right organic product that works like magic without leaving any harm behind.

All you need is to buy the original product and use it according to the recommendations. When you do so, always look for the label of ‘certified organic’ to ensure that you are buying only genuine products.

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