YouTube Diet and Fitness Questions Answered! In this video Sarah takes your questions and asks them to’s fitness expert Katrina. Some topics include quick healthy breakfasts and drinking water before meals. Send Diethealth your diet and fitness questions if you would like to be featured in our next Q & A segment. … weight loss video response fitness healthy breakfast water excercise wellness alli green tea

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  1. HealthOctave says:

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  3. skinny1421 says:

    Katrina you are amazingly HOT!!!!

  4. liplylips says:

    i love her ideas

  5. Chrisc348 says:

    what if you are 6’5 like me! an english muffin with egg whites and low fat cheesewouldnt do anything. you should give better advice for different weight and height types.

  6. Chrisc348 says:

    “hey im katrina yeah i way 105 pounds it easy for me not to over eat” shut up!!!!! i hate skinny people that give weight loss advice!!!!!!1

  7. Katrina is sexy, is she single?

  8. 00MORDRED says:

    yout ell him cristy!!!

    (spoken like a true little faggot)

  9. 00MORDRED says:

    he’s my best freind!!!
    leave him alone!!

    you guys are gay fuck bags.

  10. 00MORDRED says:

    your a faggot just like him….
    he can prove a point without name calling…
    but instead…he chose to be mean….
    so im paying him the favor.
    you little faggot.

  11. stepinnoutdanceco says:

    dont be mean to
    cuz shes my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and when your rude to her your rude to me
    i saw the comments you put on her channel you jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shes just trying to prove a point
    so knock it off!!!!!

  12. stepinnoutdanceco says:

    you tell him kristi!

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  14. crayolasky says:

    It really doesn’t make that much of a difference actually.

  15. twilight9196 says:

    well your coaches are stupid
    athletes actually eat a
    LOT of calories a day because they burn it all off
    if they skip breakfast, then they dont have energy for the exercise they do
    your really an idiot

  16. twilight9196 says:

    im sure she knows a lot more than you do in other subjects!!!
    quit bein such a prick

  17. 00MORDRED says:

    yeah ive been getting this response alot…
    yours was more mature..thankyou.
    I would only do this for 2 days MAX….if at all…
    alot of people have been telling me its dumb…
    i think they are right…its a cut weight quick solution…temporary only….but..
    what is the best way to diet amidst a good workout program?? any tips?

  18. xXxKarlaConverseXxXx says:

    ur coaches are crazy and dont know what the hell theyre talking about …..if u skip breakfest, run and do crunches u could get dizy, u could turn out to be (i dont know how u say this in english ) hipoglisemica…. and by the way most protein shakes are bad and consuming to many proteins is bad too and if ur gonna drink protein shakes mix it with water (but its still bad )

  19. goldlmine007 says:

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  20. Wow, a reply, a personal message, and a comment on my profile. You’re creepy…

  21. 00MORDRED says:

    dont know till you try it….
    its not a permanent procedure for god sake…
    its mostly for athletes or guys that need to cut weight fast for weighing in for events…
    my method was taught to me by coaches.
    I make no apologies.
    thankyou for your time.

  22. You moron, you’re never, never supposed to skip breakfast. Eating breakfast revs up your metabolism in the morning helping you to burn more calories.

    What you’re proposing is unhealthy.

  23. arcanecraft says:

    uh huh,,,likw a single bit of egg white will make a big difference…lmao

  24. chingada47 says:

    Katrine may be a fitness expert but she knows nothing about nutrition. A muffin with microwaved egg whites and cheese.

    She is ignorant of the fact that microwaving food changes the molecular structure of the food and kills all the enzymes which your body requires.

    Stick to fitness and leave nutrition to someone who knws what they’re talking about.

  25. rubberduckypwn says:

    Nice vid, you guys. Beautiful ladies aswell! 🙂

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