Your Fitness is Your Choice: Will You Be Your Own Trainer or Utilize a Fitness Tutor

Summer is just about here, are you ready for it? Wow, it’s been a long, cold, damp winter. Maybe you’ve stopped looking after yourself. You stayed home on the weekend. And you have eaten too much. Just have a quick look at yourself in the mirror and face it: last summer’s body has been replaced. Ok, you’ve taken the first step. Not accepting it will only see you desperate and dateless through to next winter. Hey, don’t be gloomy, sun, surf and sand are just round the corner. Starting back into the date scene is but a few scrunches, push ups and jogs away.

It doesn’t mean you have to buy an overpriced fitness centre membership or become one of those hyped up muscle junkies. Whatever you do, don’t start forking out for all those expensive powders, formulas and shakes. Because that is where you may wind up, in hospital and awfully sick. What you must do is simply start eating moderately and doing some routine exercise.

Eating moderately basically means eating foods with less salt, less fat and less sugar and in controlled portions, then space out those portions all though your day. This way, you actually eat more meals in controlled portions but space them out from breakfast through dinner. Snacking is essentially encouraged, so long as you’re snacking on fresh things like fruit, nuts and dairy; not junk food, sweets and crisps.

80 p.c of weight loss can be maintained through managing your food intake. Though not the old fashioned “diet” you’re thinking about, rather a planned, trained and healthy eating regime. Nothing fancy, nothing overpriced. The remaining 20 p.c is, you guessed it, physical exercise, sweat and a little pain. But it’s truly not as bad as it sounds.

Think about it: 70% of the week you’re most likely at work. So if you achieve 80% of weight control through diet, the other 20% can be ticked off over the weekend, when you have more time. Add in a morning or night here and there for a regular jog, ride or swim and you’re well on schedule to achieving your summer body.

You actually only need to do about 20-30 minutes of exercise outside of your normal daily movement. So no cheating by stating you walk to the train or do a lot of house work. That’s all good, but it is also your normal routine so your body will not recognize it as “exercise” and thus you won’t make much progress. For rapid and effective results, you may want to get a fitness trainer who will counsel you on nutrition, health and lifestyle and inspire you to fit into that tiny black dress or those amazing super skintight jeans.

You’ll be assured a smoking hot body and a rejuvenated confidence that should help you snag the person of your summer dreams. If you don’t get a date after you get fit all isn't lost. You’ll achieve greater confidence, a more healthy life-style and a better you, only a matter of time before you attract the person that likes who you have become rather than what you were.

Whether a personal trainer or a regular fitness program, achieving the ideal body is more than simply going for a run. It’s a change of lifestyle.

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