Your Dental Hygiene Might Be Dangerous

We’ve all been told about the advantages of regular brushing and flossing. Dentists, hygienists, and the media tell us this all the time. But are you aware that your brushing habits may very well be detrimental to your gums and teeth? Read on and we’ll describe the problem and what can be done to fix it.

There are various factors regarding your brushing that may be detrimental to your gum area. Hard bristle tooth brushes, pressing too forcefully, poor brushing technique, and starting off in the same position all the time. Let us look into each.

In many cases, people are utilizing a tooth brush that may be too firm for their needs. The majority of toothbrushes are sold in soft, medium, and firm varieties. As opposed to what many folks think, a firm tooth brush probably won’t clean your teeth and gums any better than a soft variety. In truth, most dentists usually recommend getting a soft brush. Medium and firm tooth brushes can harm gum tissue and damage enamel. For the best results, only use a toothbrush with soft bristles.

It’s also possible to cause tooth enamel and gum damage by pushing too hard with your tooth brush. Often people think that if they press firmly against their teeth with their tooth brush, then they will clear away more plaque. However pressing too firmly can cause your gum tissue to recede. This helps plaque and bacteria to attack and damage the supporting bone structure of your teeth. It preferable to use soft pressure and movement, focused on the gum line.

An additional cause of deterioration of the teeth and gum line is starting your tooth brushing routine at the same position each and every time. Most people have brushing habits that they have developed over many years. They start off cleaning their teeth with the same dollop of tooth paste at the same spot within their mouth every single time. The abrasive power of toothpaste decreases while you brush. It is at its greatest concentration when you start out. This may cause additional stress on the gums and tooth enamel at this site.

The opposite is also true. Bad teeth brushing habits and poor technique can miss or neglect certain locations in the teeth. Your brush could be pressing too much in a number of regions of your teeth and gums and completely missing others altogether.

Your dentist and hygienist will be your very best source of knowledge about correcting any flaws in your brushing habits. He or she will also be able choose the proper tooth brush for your needs. Your hygienist and/or dentist can thoroughly assess your teeth and gum tissue to find the places where your tooth brushing technique may be having an undesired effect.

Learning to brush and floss properly is only half of the battle. Your dentist and hygienist are vital partners in your overall dental health. If you’ve been seeking a outstanding dentist Flagstaff, AZ has several good ones to choose from. My preferred Flagstaff dentist not only gives you excellent dental care, he goes out of his way to provide the best experience you’ve ever had at a dentist.

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