Your Best Body Now ? An Excellent Weight Lifting Program

Creating a body worthy of an Olympic champion is the offshoot of a solid weight lifting program that transforms the body?s weight to massive muscles and strength. What makes the bodybuilding workouts that comprise it effective? These workouts are always intense, progressive and specific to your body type.

High intensity workouts are good for people who plan to gain a considerable amount of body mass in a short period of time. There are also others who are more comfortable in building up endurance and bulk over a period of two to three months. A better approach is to find the blocks that work best for your specific body type and integrate it into one. Give each session your all.

Even if you are in a hurry to get big, refrain from the urge to train every single day for a few weeks?this will do you more harm than good. You need to get quality sleep between the days you workout so your body can repair the muscle tissues torn during exercise. With proper rest, these will develop into bigger and much stronger muscles. An effective strategy is to split your weight lifting program into muscle groups that you can work on specific days.

A three day split workout will give you something like this: 1st day ? chest, arms and stomach 2nd day ? back, shoulders and stomach 3rd day ? legs If you prefer to spread your workouts into the week you can also try this five day split plan: 1st day ? legs 2nd day ? shoulders 3rd day ? back and stomach 4th day ? shoulders and arms 5th day ? chest and stomach Concentrate on getting good food and sleep especially the rest days in between training.

You don?t really need a lot of fancy machines to have a successful workout. Even if you only have several weights of dumbbells, cables and a bench you have a whole catalog of drills you can base a program on. For the upper body try the bicep and triceps curl, dumbbell shrugs, lat pull downs and triceps kickbacks. Use the squats, calf raises, leg raises and squats for your lower body. Crunches will always be a staple that will work for anybody, but even then, you need to vary all these drills ever couple of weeks or so to challenge and push your body to its maximum potential.

As a beginner, always start with the more manageable weight loads. As your body continues to progress, keep increasing the weights so the muscles are consistently strained; thus giving it no choice but to grow faster. For those who want a bodybuilder?s physique, the loads you should be lifting should get you around 7 to 12 repetitions until failure.

Lastly, do not forget to stretch well before starting your exercises and even between sets. Stretching raises your body?s temperature level and makes you more flexible; both of which contribute to favorable physical conditions for training.

Bodybuilding workouts work only as well as the dedication and tenacity of the individual undertaking it. Practice safety and care while you train; and give it your all in each session. The winner in you will take nothing less.

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