You Can Lose Weight-Build Your Own Way of Life!

One important thing has to be taken in mind by anyone trying to lose weight with the help of the specific diet: none of the diets relate with the healthy nutrition. Usually, all of the diets are used for a certain period of time after which you lose some weight and start eating normally again…which practically means coming back the previous eating habits that made you gain weight. Thus healthy nutrition (along with physical activity) should be part of our healthy way of living. What does this mean? It means that 80% of food we consume should be vegetable diet, and 20% consist of protein and fat. The purpose is to maintain these proportions and choose the products you like which would ensure the loss or maintenance of your weight without drastic diets which promise you loss of weight in 3 days. However, such eating must become a part of your way of life.

You may wonder: what about the food supplements which let me eat what I want and still burn fat or decrease my appetite? In fact, such products that promise miracles trick people so easily. There are no preparations which could eliminate your weight if you eat whatever you want and as much as you want. Besides, it is important to find out what your organism requires indeed, because even the best vitamins and supplements may be useless if your organism doesn’t tolerate the ingredients. The use of the supplements must be purposive and not because you saw it on TV.

There are certain principles for healthy nutrition though. Even though there are many different opinions about the food combination, doctors suggest combining food: carbohydrates shouldn’t be consumed with proteins (groats, porridge, potatoes and bread shouldn’t be mixed with meat). Vegetables suit everything; fruits should be eaten separately half an hour before the meal- this is how much fruits require to digest. If you live a regular life working from 9 to 5, it is recommended to eat your last meal before 7pm. During the day human’s organism gets tired from food and the immune system weakens too in the evening. If you still feel hungry, grab some fruits, yogurt. If you keep to these rules for several weak, your body will get used to these principles and you won’t feel hunger after 7pm anymore.

It is recommended to drink 2litres of water per day. Even drinking has its system: drink 10-15 min before the meal; half an hour later if you had fruits; 1,5 hour later if you had grains; 2 hours later after the meat. It is very important to chew properly, because digestion starts in the mouth.

Do not starve trying to lose weight. Starving only allows your immune system to rest and organism to get rid of waste. You can starve 1-3 days without any medical supervision: all you need to do is drink liquids and clean your intestine.

Is it possible to lose overweight for good? Yes, it is. But nothing happens without efforts.

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