ADD THIS SEQUENCE TO YOUR REGULAR YOGA WORKOUT FOR AN EXCELLENT FAT-BURNING, CALORIE-TORCHING PRACTICE! REPEAT ONCE OR MORE, AS YOU WISH! With Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, and renowned New York City instructor. Learn more about Sadie, her book and DVD at!

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  1. To stop storing fat, ACCEPT BEING SPACEY for those parts of the day you are active or strained.

    Until your body can create sugar on demand from fat, avoid hazardous activity, and exercise STRENUOUSLY BUT CONTROLLED(YOGA!).

    When blood-sugar is available on demand, the body doesnt extract fat from food and it passes. Presto! Weightloss!

  2. Counting #’s is a mental activity. It only burns sugar and eats into useful exercise time.

    The resultant low-sugar spaciness will prompt a heavy person to eat. Where a Light person will pump the blood around(move) to stimulate sugar production and mental clarity.

    Yoga will untrain fat-storing by utilizing glycolytic muscle fiber, and thus stimulate fat-burning. Use of sugar burning muscle fibers train the body to bolster blood-sugar availability.

  3. darkmoonlotus says:

    You are AWESOME girl! I have been doing your routine everyday lately! I love your clear voice, and heartfelt presentation of your sequence.

  4. very good workouts. how manu lbs can I lose doing this every day? or 3 times a week?

  5. hitsforthehead says:

    wow…your movements are sooo fluid :)) beautiful jsut is one of my passions and you deffinatly know what you’re doin

  6. sameeyaclayton says:

    Hey sadie,
    couple of questions; often should you practice and how long should a session be(not a beginner but not yet intermede).2. Im from canada but my brother lives in BK NY,is your studio still there?
    thanks…your a great teacher..peace

  7. it takes some time to do the poses 100% perfect, your body slowly has to adapt itself . It took me 4 weeks to be able to do the downward dog position perfectly (heels on floor!) and i was so happy when I did.

    I lost like 5kilos in 5 weeks 😀

  8. lolipophoney says:

    hi i am over weigh and i get tired so quikly so i get desspret o what could work out good for me?

  9. meltaway0010 says:

    Hi Sadie, just want to let you know that this is a great workout!! I was finding a couple of ways to lose a few pounds and I developed an interest in yoga just by looking at your videos. Though I haven’t lost any weight recently because of a weight loss plateau, yoga makes me feel really good and I’m going to continue doing it!! And though I’m having problems with the downward facing dog position (heels couldn’t touch ground) I’ll try my best slowly :] Once again thank you very very much!!

  10. aeariel17 says:

    Hi! I love your exercises and I’ve been doing them for about a week. I hope that they will improve how I look and that I will become more flexible. However, it’s not easy for me, and I have trouble with downward facing dog. My palms hurt a lot and I can’t put my heels down on the floor. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I really admire your work 😉

  11. sadienardini says:

    Thanks! I’m finishing it up now and it’s looking good!

  12. baldachka says:

    This is a great work out I love it! I can’t wait to get her new dvd out this Feb!!!!!

  13. hotndusky says:

    superb….. yoga rocks

  14. sunnydayagain says:

    Thanks for letting us see it .
    Love 🙂

  15. sadienardini says:

    Thanks–good to hear from you! since you’re a yogi, send me your requests for what else you’d like me to post.
    Have a great day!! xoSadie

  16. hotndusky says:

    Even though i know yoga, this one is really great! thnkx…

  17. novacircle says:

    Hi Sadie,
    Awesome video. I do weight training and have lost my flexibility, mostly around the shoulder area. Can I regain my flexibility by doing yoga. I do one yoga and pilates class once a week.

  18. sadienardini says:


  19. msbellydancer says:


  20. sadienardini says:

    Hi there,
    As long as you’re working, you can do one or more, I would shake it up though, to target the whole body and not get repetitive. End with the Magic Pose: Pigeon or Yoga for Runners sequence to open the body. It will get stronger that way. xoSadie

  21. mandyjulie says:

    Just a question:

    When performing your Yoga videos. Do you get the best results for weight loss is you repeat one video over and over again? Or should I try multiple of your videos?

    I am trying to loose 15lbs.

    Thnak a bunch! You are GREATT!!


  22. singleigh says:

    wow.. you’re so LONG! like a ballerina.

  23. sadienardini says:

    Yeah! Life is for those who step up to the challenge! Have fun, and work into it. It will give you many many gifts.


  24. Playgirl2day says:

    this will be a challenge for me but lm going to try thankyou peace 🙂

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