Yellow Vaginal Discharge

There are lots of types of vaginal discharge, each one of them having different odour and colour. Yellow vaginal discharge, may carry some importance since it could be a indication of vulvar vestibulitis or HPV condyloma virus. Normal vaginal discharge is to be white/transparent or colorless; grayish, moderately bloody. Green and other colours and foul smell of vaginal discharge might be a sign of STD (sexually transmitted disease) or some kind of more serious infection.

What causes yellow vaginal discharge

There are several reasons that sometimes cause yellow vaginal discharge. Some significant causes include ovulation, emotional trouble, and sexual excitement; they all ends in larger amounts of such discharge. To stop such issues every woman must keep her reproductive organs dry and clean. Also, it is a good idea to use sheaths to avoid STDs. One shouldn't douche after menses or sexual relations and should have test quite regularly.

Other illnesses and conditions that bring yellow vaginal discharge include:

Cervical polyp

Pelvic inflammatory illness


Sexually communicated disease

Cervicitis – yellow vaginal discharge



Chlamydia – yellow vaginal discharge

Foreign body

Vaginal cancer

Yellow vaginal discharge treatment

There are several paths to treat yellow vaginal discharge. Nonetheless before any treatment, one should know the precise cause. If it is due to some infection, proper antibiotic course is to be suggested. Anyway of yellow vaginal discharge, one should be very careful and should keep area clean and dry. In Ayurveda, such discharges are generally due to malfunctioning of the reproductive organs and thus they are going to be treated appropriately.

Bath tub containing some medicated decoction could be helpful in treating yellow vaginal discharge. The decoction of those potential herbs includes Ashoka, Lodra, Amalaki, Patola, Neem, Shigru and so on. The decoction can be made by having leaves of those herbs and then boiling them in acceptable amount of plain, clean water. When the content turns half, the decoction is removed. It is again then poured into the bath tub water. A lady subjected to yellow vaginal discharge should immerse her body up to the neck and should stay in that position for about 15-20 minutes. Practicing this twice a day may be a help in getting rid of local diseases.

One should stop utilizing any chemically made solution to wash that area. Also, masturbation is highly contraindicated while undergoing yellow vaginal discharge. Such acts may cause the infection and may turn the case from bad to badder.

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