Yeast Infections in Women – How to Tell If You Have Yeast Infection

How do you find out whether you have a yeast infection or not? Vaginal yeast infection is very much common in women and at least 75 percent women get this infection once in their lifetime. So if you find that you have got the infection, there is nothing to worry because you have different kinds of treatments to cure it.

The yeast infections are women are caused due to a number of reasons, some of which can be prevented. This is actually a fungal infection which is sometimes also known as candidiasis.

Some women fail to understand that they are actually going through the yeast infections. This is the reason why it is very important to learn about the symptoms which can help you understand whether you have the infection. The first thing you might feel is a pain during urination.

A single symptom cannot decide whether you are suffering from vaginal yeast infection. Therefore, you need to look for the other symptoms as well to be sure about the disease. If you have the yeast infection then you might also have problems in your menstruation.

Suddenly, you might have unusual periods which are quite unexpected. Nausea and vomiting are also the two most common symptoms of this infection. If you have the yeast infections in your vagina then you might have great feeling of irritation and itching in the vagina.

Soreness and redness of the vaginal portion is also quite common in this infection. Other than the vagina you can also have the thrush inside the mouth. Some of the causes of the infection are similar while some others are different.

If you do not know the causes of the infection then you will not be able to prevent it. Some of the major causes are poor eating habits and poor lifestyle. Lack of sleep and stress is also a major cause for the infection. Different kinds of pills and medications might also be the cause of candidiasis.

Antibiotics, birth control pills and steroids can create problems for a woman. A woman can also get vaginal yeast infection during pregnancy. You need to keep your sensations and eyes open to find out whether you are suffering from the yeast infections.

It is always important to keep close check on the feminine health because the body of the females is complex than men and they have different kinds of problems. Sometimes yeast infections can also be transmitted through sex but it is not very common.

If you find the above mentioned common symptoms then it is always better to consult a gynecologist to find out for sure whether you are suffering from this problem. It is also important to choose the right treatment for the infection.

Tablets, creams and ointments can be used to get rid of the infection but everything should be done under the instructions of the physician. Do you have frequent migraines and headaches? It can also be a sign of the infection. Pain during sex is also common.

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