Writing a Stellar Dental Assistant Resume

Trying to land a job as a dental assistant? One of the most important things to ensure your success is making sure that you crank out an amazing resume. A resume that’s golden will reflect how experienced, competent, and how special you are. This is probably one of the smartest decision you can make in your dental assistant career–think about it–you will be submitting one document to many different dental offices. It’ll be difficult to get another volunteering job, but it’ll be easy to spend a few hours improving your resume. It can be reflected in however many Xerox copies you would want to make. The ultimate goal of any resume would be to land you an interview, and with a resume’s format, it will be one of the biggest improvements to your career. Here’s how.

A dental assistant’s resume must reflect your competency. List any experiences and what you did to contribute to that environment first. You don’t want to put any objectives up there, only focus on how you will provide value to your employer. List any experiences you had in the medical field that will add to you as a dental assistant, and list any schooling that you have had or any certifications. Make sure you show that you will be a competent dental assistant.

Your experience is also a must in your dental assistant resume. If you’ve volunteered at a children’s hospital, please put that on your resume. List what you have contributed to the experience, and what kind of impact you had there. More is better when it comes to experience.

More than anything, your resume should not only show your competence and your experience but also how unique you are. If you have any experiences that would make you stand out from the crowd, please put that on your resume. Making sure that you are different also extends into your walking life. Greet the person who will be taking your resume and chit chat for some time to get to know them so your resume doesn’t end up in a pile where you don’t know if it will get read. Also you should make sure that your resume is readable, one page, and in a readable font–otherwise you won’t be able to convince your employer that you are worthwhile. As a dental assistant, you must make sure that you are fun, if not at least not difficult to work with. Working on your communication skills and your resume will surely make it stand out.

As a dental assistant on the hunt, one of the easiest things to do is to make sure that your resume is top notch. It will be one of the most important efforts you can make besides getting more certifications. Taking the time to flesh out a piece of paper now will pay you dividends down the road. If you aren’t sure, start with a dental resume template and spend a few hours on it. It will make a difference.

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