Would it hurt to take more than one dietary supplement?

I am taking some Acai dietary supplements with Hoodia. But I want to drink my dietary supplement tea as well. Does it hurt to take more than one? Especially if they are all natural? And yes, I am eating healthy and exercising. I just don’t want to hurt myself if its not good to do that.


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  1. Most vitamin supplements are not like pharmaceuticals which a synthesized and modified versions of naturally occurring chemicals at a higher concentrate. In that respect the effective dose of vitamins is actually very high. There are very few that will react badly with each other. One might be Ginko Biloba in high doses while on pharmaceutical blood thinners and aspirin. Or 5HTP while on pharmaceutical anti-depressants but aside from a few rare cases they are relatively harmless even in massive doses. With regards to diet supplements you can generally dose up until you find its effect or you are uncomfortably jittery then cut or spread out your dose to an acceptable medium. If you take with a meal the dose would be larger than one taken on an empty stomach. Usually the worst effect might be a nervous or queasy stomach letting you know you’ve had too much.

    For a year I took around 25 caps a day of general supplements which was excessive to most but was actually only a fraction of the full dose for each supplement in a broad spectrum. I reduced that to the basic 3… multi-vitamin, Omega3, and an Anti-oxidant.

  2. Dr. Slobodyanik says:

    Nope! GO right ahead! take three or four if you want.

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