Women Must Confront Vaginal Infections

A lot of women at some point in their lives have suffered from one or more vaginal infections. What many women do not know, is that different infections require unique treatments.

Vaginal inflammation also known as vaginitis, can come from numerous dissimilar factors. From natural hormones to abstruse sources such as bacterial organisms, candida, or viruses. Other sources such as a sensitivity or adverse reaction to perfumed soaps, detergent, or douches can also be the beginning of vaginitis. Intimate partners can also exchange organisms to each other through intercourse.

The infectious processes can be divided into two categories, sexually transmitted and non-sexually transmitted. The non-sexually transmitted infections include: bacterial vaginosis and candida or yeast infection. The sexually transmitted infections include: trichomoniasis, chlamydia, and viruses (herpes simplex and humanpapilloma virus)

The symptoms of all the above mentioned infections are similar. This can make an accurate diagnosis challenging. The symptoms that these infections all have in common are as follows: unusual vaginal secretions with a foul odor, painful urination, vaginal itching, and uncomfortable or painful intercourse.

Due to the similarity in symptoms, women frequently self medicate with an over the counter medication before consulting their doctor. A typical mistake most women unknowingly make, innocently thinking the problem must be a yeast infection, when it is really an all together different infection which requires another kind of treatment.

Your Doctor is the key to a proper and correct diagnosis. All possible infections are responsive to the right treatment and therapy.

The best prevention for vaginal infections is: keep the vaginal area clean and dry, wipe from front to rear after using the toilet, wear loose fitting cotton underwear, abstain from douching, avoid chemical irritants such as feminine hygiene products, and always use condoms.

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