Will Our Planet Be Preserved By An Environmentally Friendly Way of Life?

Is our world dying or is it just a hoax? Are we running out of renewable resources or are we being lied to by people in charge? For the world to survive, do we all need to espouse an eco friendly lifestyle? Will change improve our health at a time when health costs are going up? The succeeding generation should learn about how to live green to help the environment.

Older generations cultivated their own food and reveled in tending to their gardens. The enjoyment of the garden, watching it blossom and producing fruits and vegetables is something many children do not experience. Learning is the solution and showing our young ones how, for instance, a green plant creates oxygen from carbon dioxide. For optimal health, the body requires oxygen to breathe, fresh water to drink, and nourishing food to eat. Returning to green living could reverse most of the damage that has been done to the environment.

We live in a world of gadgets and rapid change but is there a cost to be paid for this. People are living a long time, but are they living better? New health concerns develop from modern living even if other conditions have been wiped out. The environment’s health can be made better and we can enjoy better lives if we move towards earth friendly lifestyles. The gains of going green should be taught to our children.

The use of fossil oil and coal has distinctly not helped our desires for fresher air and so wind and solar energy solutions are needed. We tend to react to a problem after it has grown too big to solve. Are there people who are ready to see the destruction of our world? To see the planet become wholly contaminated seems to make no sense. Will there come a point when we cannot reverse the toxins in our food, clean the air or make certin our water is good to drink?

We may have to go back to a time when we are not gauged by what we own and more by the sort of individual we are. The well being of an individual have to be supreme rather than any monetary gain through someone being in poor health. We must be conscious of the wellness of our environment, shift our pace of life and help to make the world better for everyone.

The importance of profits should be given less emphasis when viewing alternatives such as wind and solar energy. More natural ways of life, less waste and living healthily, these are all things we can teach our youth. For the sake of our kids, we have to realize what we need to do, so that they have a future on this earth. Acquiring green living habits should be a priority for each one of us.

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