Will muscle mass be lost if one does not hit the gym at all for 2 weeks?

Someone please provide me with tips to maintain muscle mass..I wouldnt be able to hit the gym at all for 2 weeks for overseas reasons. And I have quite little time to do personal workouts like push ups as well due to tight schedules. Will I lose much muscle mass? Im looking to build muscle mass.

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  1. Kenneth,

    2 weeks is quite a long time to go without any lifting. That’s about the extreme most you can take off without losing a ton of weight.. But within 14 days, you’ll most likely lose some muscle mass.

    The best thing I can suggest is to eat as well as you can. This will help you maintain where you are at. Otherwise, do what you can, when you can, and try to work in some pushups whenever you have a chance. There’s bound to be an extra 30 seconds somewhere in your tight schedule, I guarantee you!

    Also, I would suggest checking out: http://www.swolefitness.com

    It has a lot of solid articles about fitness, workouts, nutrition and much more. Good luck and take care!

  2. alissa.carpio says:

    You will probably be OK with only 2 weeks. After two weeks, the body starts losing significant strength and muscle gains.

    Make sure you’re eating enough while you’re there. Even though you can’t workout, if your body has sufficient calories it will be less likely to burn muscle for fuel.


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