Why You Should Buy Facebook Friends

You love Facebook. It is the most popular social networking site in the world today. Maybe you have around ten or twenty friends of Facebook and you see others that have over five hundred. You may ask yourself how in the world did they ever get that many friends. Do they really know that many people? The simple answer to that is no way. You can buy Facebook friends, though.

Even celebrities have over five hundred friends. That is too good to be true. You are probably one of them. But, are they really friends? No. They are just people that have signed up to be friends. Well, you want more friends, fake or not. But, still, you want more.

You can buy friends if you want more. But, who in the world wants to buy a friend that is not real? Well, there are thousands of people wanting to do this, but, they need a few suggestions. Here are some suggestions for you if you really want to buy some friends.

Go to the website called Craigslist and post an ad. You can simply put an ad in that says you need a friend. Well, you are going to get an invitation. That is just what you are looking for. But, to be safe, do not put the true city you live in there. You always have to be careful and take care of yourself.

Go ahead and sign up on eBay. This is a great site for selling things and you can even sell your Facebook membership for more friends. You will be surprised at how fast your membership will sell. It is free to sign up on eBay. What a nice way to make a little money.

Here is a method that could be a little goofy, but it does work. Open up and start a bunch of email accounts and make some fantasy or fake friends. This sounds like a lot of work and maybe a little depressing, but, you are looking for friends aren’t you?

You can simply join a group of your choice. Then after you join it, just invite everyone to join it with you. To make sure that you get responses, tell everyone how great the group is and that everyone should join it too. Just a little white lie, and that won’t hurt.

These are just a few suggestions for you to try and make new real or fake friends for your Facebook account. It sounds like a lot of work for some of it, but, if you really want to buy Facebook friends, these are some ways you can do it.

If you’re wanting to buy facebook friends for your profile, then this buy Facebook friends source and blog will show you how you’re going to need to go about getting them.

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