Why you should avoid gaining weight during menopause

Are you having issues with menopause? Do you find yourself acquiring weight fast? menopause and weight gain are related in many different ways, this post will go into some of the details associated with this weight change. One major change that you are likely to experience during menopause is overall change of your body shape and weight gain. You cannot deny the linkage between the two.

Women gain weight for many different reasons during menopause. Changes in your body chemistry are one of the most likely reasons women gain weight. Before menopause your hormones do a wide variety of things, and that includes keeping your weight in line. During menopause, your ovaries start producing less estrogen; therefore forcing your body to look for an alternative source of estrogen i.e., the fat cells. What your system will do is take the fat the you have stored and attempt to use it as a replacement for estrogen. But the problem with this is that fat cells are unable to burn energy like muscle, and this is what causes your weight to enhancement.

If you are putting on extra muscle weight then testosterone is likely to blame for this. When your body begins creating fat this will slow down the rate at which testosterone is released, and this will cause your metabolism to slow down. If your metabolic rate is really slow then you will burn fewer calories, which is the reason most females gain weight during this period. During the menopause the production of androgen increases whose main role is to send new weights direct to the middle section of your body, the high level of androgen leads to more gaining weight around the abdomen instead of the lower body parts. The level of progesterone in your body decreases during menopause which leads to water retention, bloating and eventually putting on weight.

There also other reasons for weight gain: the vicious cycle of sleep and calorie intake; not getting enough sleep causes you to eat more which also increases your hunger level. Being under a lot of stress can also cause your body to release hormones that cause you to eat more as well, one of them is the hormone cortisol. Added to this is that most women start using pain and other medication during menopause, all of which can contribute to weight gain.

A lot of ladies actually like seeing a full, rouded, and softer look in their body; if this is you then you should be on the lookout for the following health circumstances: This can cause joint disease, stroke, high blood pressure, growth and inflammation of cancer as well as muscle imbalances due to limited activity levels. Instead of over the counter medication I would recommend more natural cures for acquiring weight brought on by menopause: try using what is called green tea extract in order to boost your metabolic rate, this will help burn extra fat while you sleep. Certain herbs such as licorice root will help to satisfy cravings for sweets thus preventing habitual snacking which might cause putting on weight and serotonin-reuptake-inhibitor helps to suppress appetite, reduce depression, and provide satiety and increase the level of serotonin.

Did you know that weight gain is connected to menopause? You are welcome to stop by anytime!

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