Why You Should Apply The Law Of The Ladder In Your Business

Author John Maxwell, in his book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, talks about the Law of the Ladder. As a fitness professional, I see how this law is very important in helping other fitness professionals grow their businesses. Many times, I see trainers err by concentrating on things like new equipment or new certifications rather than working on their own business skills.

Here’s the thing, most trainers focus 95% of their time on elevating their level of competency as a trainer (I was guilty of this my first 5 years as a trainer), which is fine so long as you are working for someone else. But, this is a deadly prescription for a fitness business owner (which I learned the hard way when I went out on my own).

So, how can you sidestep this recipe for low pay, endless hours on the training floor, and missed moments with your family in life? You learn to apply the Law of the Ladder to your business. Assess where you have put most of your focus up until this point in your career? Has it been on improving your technical skills, your nutrition skills, your marketing, business development or leadership? Here are some ways for you to do that quickly.

Compare how much you spent in the last 12 months on certifications, equipment, accessories, and products. Then compare how much time you spent in the last 12 months on personal development, business and marketing courses, information systems to build your business. Do they relate and have you seen an ROI in your business bottom line and lifestyle?

If after you run this diagnostic on your business and the bottom line is not showing your business in the black, it will probably reveal more of an outward focus on your business meaning it was all about the products, features, and your own appearance compared to an inward one based on your development as a leader, marketer, and entrepreneur.

From this moment determine how to shift your focus by adding time, money, and attention to the things that will make it grow bigger than any certification or product ever will- which is an investment in your personal growth and your inner circle. I know when I started switching my investment dollars to personal growth and my masterminds, my income went through the roof.

Author Vito La Fata is a business coach who is an expert in the field of marketing fitness. If you would like more information about make more money in fitness, contact his site for more information.

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