Why You Can’t Lose Weight Part 2, Diets, Hormones & Toxicity, Weight Loss & Metabolism

Why You Can’t Lose Weight Part 2, Diets, Hormones & Toxicity, Weight Loss & Metabolism By understanding how your body works you can maintain a good weight, high quality of life and fitness and wellness. In this video Dr. Anderson discusses everything you need to know about diets, hormones and weight loss. Weight loss might not be as simple as calories in and calories out. Toxicity and hormone regulations control weight loss and weight gain. Dr. Ben Anderson specializes in chiropractic and …

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  1. dietsupplyfree says:

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  2. SpeedingStudent says:

    How about a facial?

  3. juliemulie345 says:

    You’re rude and weird. Whyare you going through the comments starting arguments and offending people. Every single comment. I have looked through the comments and you have name-called practically every one. I think you have mental issues so can’t be blamed. My BMI is a lot less than your’s but I won’t offend you or stoop to your level. SO THERE!

  4. SpeedingStudent says:

    My apologies, Your Highness.

    I weight 181 and I am 5ft 11in.

    I run 6 miles a day (Except Mondays) and lift weights.

    We now return you to your regularly-scheduled righteous indignation. lol

  5. juliemulie345 says:

    Excuse me. How dare you suggest I do not exercise!!!! I bet I am lighter than you, and I bet my BMI is less than your’s. And how much do YOU exercise!?? I am a dancer. I exercise A LOT. Thanks…. Rude.

  6. Couch25kAU says:

    What do you suggest the best way to slow down your metabolism is? Because my boyfriend, who bodybuilds, has an insanely fast metabolism and can lose weight really fast.

    It sounds like he needs to stop eating as often, but if he doesn’t eat over 3000 calories he can’t gain ANYTHING.

    Help 🙁 And also he doesn’t have over active thyroid (blood test)

  7. SpeedingStudent says:

    I’m getting hard, optimumperformance…I think I’m going to cum because you are so awesome…not doing sit-ups and all.

    Women want you, men want to BE you. lol

  8. optimumperformance says:

    In real life, you are a try hard who sits behind a keyboard.

  9. SpeedingStudent says:

    I’m an astronaut…in real life.

    No, I can’t show you proof. lol

  10. optimumperformance says:

    That’s an intelligent come back.

    Once again you demonstrate the level of your intelligence.

  11. SpeedingStudent says:

    I am so impressed by your e-peen. Can I hold it?

  12. optimumperformance says:

    Being an Olympic level strength coach I think I may have a little more experience in this area.

    Well if the US military are doing it then it must be right…. because they never doing anything that is bad for their military…. like agent orange!

    Most top level coaches do not use situps anymore. I lecture at conferences around the US and the general consensus amongst the coaches is that they should be avoided.

    Maybe you should like up the research. Go to pubmed and type in Stuart McGill.

  13. SpeedingStudent says:

    Epic LOLs.

  14. SpeedingStudent says:

    Stop the presses! OptimumPerformance wrote blog posts saying sit-ups were bad for you!

    Better not tell the USMC, Army, Navy, USAF, Coast Guard, and millions of athletes around the world…they might throw out their backs.

    Dumbass bitch.

    You’re a fatty…aren’t you?

  15. SpeedingStudent says:

    You lying sack of shit. I was not talking about Western tourists…I was talking about Nihonjin/Japanese.

  16. optimumperformance says:

    Just shows how little you know. No one should ever do situps – this is one of the worst exercises anyone could perform. I did several blog posts on this.

  17. optimumperformance says:

    Did you walk around with your eyes closed. I lived in Tokyo also and there are plenty of fat people there.

  18. optimumperformance says:

    BUT WAT CAUSED THE UNDERLYING HEALTH PROBLEMS???? 90% of the time it is their nutrition.

  19. optimumperformance says:

    Actually there are “fat burning hormones”. First what do you think controls your metabolism?Look up “Lipolysis”. Doing more work is not always the answer, in fact this can make things even worse.

  20. SpeedingStudent says:

    The joke’s on you, Sugartits, I don’t believe in karma; I’m not a Hindu. I’m an atheist.

    You envy me, my large cock, my rapist wit, you dream of being someone like me. You and I both know the one who sleeps alone at night is you. But at least you have your illicit toys to keep you company. I wonder…do you name them? “Bubba the love meat”? Sounds about right…

    Now go smoke some drugs like the imbicle you are…like that no-talent hack John Lennon.

    Love you, Sugartits.

  21. I truly feel sorry for you… Your ignorance and imbecility is plain for all to see. It’s like a bold neon sign in times square. To have to live with yourself must be dreadful. I don’t envy you. Being you must be the karmic result of mass rape/murder in your past life. Unfortunately you still don’t seem to get it so you are doomed to repeat your lonely life of quiet desperation over and over and over again… till you do.

  22. SpeedingStudent says:

    Let me guess…you’re a chubby chaser? Am I right? Like a little ‘junk in the trunk”, do you?

    Don’t worry, man. You’re not alone: there are dozens of rappers with gold teeth and poor taste on BET who share your plight.

    Silly little Nancy Boy, I live vicariously through myself. When I was a little boy, I wanted to grow up and be me.

    Now go watch Queer Eye on Bravo whilst eating bon-bons with your domineering fatty girlfriend, you knuckle-dragging trogglodyte cumstain.

  23. As I am a guy I guess you can add latent (blatant?) homosexuality to the grocery list of personality traits that fill you with self-loathing. Remember, those who talk grand about their sexual prowess are usually the ones most lacking. Don’t kill yourself tho, you must give love first in order to receive it. It is obvious to all that you have such low self esteem that it makes you feel better by diminishing others. remember this also, she can lose weight but you’ll always be… just… you 🙁

  24. SpeedingStudent says:

    Is it Tom Leykis “Flash Friday” already?

  25. SpeedingStudent says:

    You see, Julie, there is this thing called “exercise” and it’s helper “balanced diet”…….

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