Why You Can Employ Inversion Tables For Back Pain

Sometimes you just need a really good stretch, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get that satisfying feeling. Well, now you can and it’s all about using inversion tables for back pain. This a great natural method of treating symptoms without the use of prescription drugs or visits to the chiropractor.

These tables are not just for stretching, but offer numerous benefits for our body. Beginning with reducing back pain and elongating our spine, it also increases the space between our discs, thereby increasing the blood flow in our bodies. So many arteries are spaced between our discs, and when the pressure decreases their abilities to spread those nutrients, it causes our internal organs to function in a deficient manner. An alternative to making use of an inversion table is the back bubble, a traction device that provides traction to your back, relaxes your muscles, and realigns ones back.

This can also be a wonderful way to wind down after a really intense workout. High impact workouts can cause muscle pain, and this table therapy reduces that pain, along with stimulating our circulation and offering great stress relief. If this is part of your workout, then it’s a way to strengthen those all-important core muscle groups without putting unnecessary stress and pressure on our spinal cords. It can also help to strengthen ligaments through our bodies.

If one of your family members is a ballerina or gymnast, then they will particularly enjoy using this. It naturally helps to train for orientation and balance and encourages really good posture. Getting older can be a graceful process, since while this therapy increases the space between our discs, it allows for increased oxygen to our brains.

Of course, before you begin any therapy program, even a natural one, you need to check with your doctor. Certain heart conditions will not benefit from inversion table therapy, and if it makes a pre-existing condition worse, then it’s not wise to add it to your routine. Once you have been given the all-clear from your physician, be consistent with it. Using a routine a couple times a month will not give you the same benefits that consistent use each week will show.

Using the inversion table is very easy and the entire five minutes of use is well worth the effort. Before you finally choose one, it’s a good idea to try a few and see which one feels the best. It’s a good idea to use a spotter the first couple of times, until you get used to the motion and balance of how it works. Concentrate on the muscles you want to relax and when settled, swing back and forth and side to side in a controlled manner.

Remember that the most expensive is not always the best. Just because you spent $400 on the most expensive table does not mean that you will get a better feeling than you could from the $80 table. This is where reading different use tables and trying out different ones will let you know what works best for your personal situation.

Inversion therapy that uses inversion tables for back pain is not a new way of thinking. It’s been around for quite a while, but the amount of table choices out there now are quite numerous. If you would like to try a natural remedy before going to a doctor for prescription drugs, this is an excellent method of doing just that.

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