Why Web Based American Accent Training Is A Good Idea

Many companies have relocated customer service centers in countries outside the United States. This has created a demand for American accent training. Sophisticated online web-based language instructional programs are a low-cost effective way to teach call center staff to sound like native born English speakers. This is a cost effective way to improve customer service. The benefits will increase the bottom line because of increased customer satisfaction.

The following are the basic elements of learning to speak a dialect of English perfectly: grammar, intonation, word connections, pronunciation, and silent letters. Each of the elements are an important part of the whole. In some ways, language follows a rhythmic pattern that can be musical. There is nothing wrong with memorizing rules, but there is more to it than that. There is a body brain coordination that must become second nature. An online program uses the knowledge gained from neuroscience to present a quick way to master a foreign language.

People are more comfortable dealing with those who speak like they do. There are too many negative connotations associated with someone with a thick accent. There is a natural distrust of foreigners. When people hear a voice that sounds American their comfort level improves and this makes for better communication. It is difficult to admit that good people have these prejudices, but facing up to the facts is important.

There are many reasons this is a good idea. Managers ought to consider the possibilities offered by an internet based online course like this. It makes good sense. It is a common sense and cost effective solution. The entire purpose is to show people how to speak English with no errors that would indicate they are from another country.

The objective is to teach employee to speak naturally, free of the stereotypical traits of their native language. Computer assisted learning programs are effective because they provide a feedback loop. Eventually, the speech patterns become second nature as they develop the patterns and rhythms of a native speaker.

The individual’s speech patterns are analyzed by sophisticated computer software. Their individual speech patterns are identified and a program to modify them created. Innovated computer technology has made this possible. The instruction takes place on a subconscious level of the mind to literally reprogram the language centers.

Web-based internet learning is popular because it allows students to schedule their programs around work, family and school schedules. Pupils work at their pace. The price of this program is much less than taking a college course and it is more effective too. The latest computer assisted instruction equipment has become extremely sophisticated.

American accent training can make your foreign based employees more effective. Their communications with English speaking people will be clearer. This is a good development for any business. The speech will be so normal that anyone listening will have no idea they are talking to someone from another country.

If you need to master English pronunciation, visit the home page here. You can see the details about courses at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_accent now.

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