Why Sleep Is The Difference Between Passing And Failing

What do you know about sleep? It’s that fancy thing you do when there’s nothing else going on? It’s what happens when all the lights go out? But what do you really know about it? The amount of sleep you get each night has a significant impact on you and how your engine runs during the day. Lack of sleep means lack of – well everything.

If you get very little sleep (let’s say 5-6 hours a night or less) then you are going to feel sluggish, lazy, moody, impatient, intolerant, and generally very unproductive. In fact, you could say that not getting enough sleep actually changes you. It makes you a lesser version of yourself.

But what happens when you’ve had a good 7-8 (or even 9) hours of sleep? Well, generally you’re the complete opposite! Upbeat, happy, enthusiastic, more tolerant, more creative, more productive, much healthier – much more everything! You’re a better person to be around. You probably even like yourself more. Makes a pretty big difference doesn’t it?

If you’re getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night then well done! You’re doing well and you’re giving yourself the best chance to succeed and be super productive each day. If you’re not, then you can start taking action today by changing your sleeping habits using these tips.

Tip number one. We all know about the lure of staying up late – but it’s a trap. We’re sitting up watching a movie or surfing the net and we know that if we don’t go to bed tomorrow won’t come yet and we won’t have to go to work or school! It’s our free time and we want to make the most of it. The problem of course is that by staying up late we are killing our energy levels for the next day. The time you get up can’t be moved back (otherwise you’d be late) so change the time you get to bed. You’ll be glad you did if you stick to it.

Tip number two. Stop stimulating your brain just before bed. If you watch TV or listen to loud music or go on the net, you’re stimulating your brain when it needs to be shutting down. Instead, just sit quietly for 10 or 15 minutes and relax. It’s a very simple thing to do and 10 minutes of quite time won’t make a big difference – but watching hours of TV when you should be sleeping will!

Tip number three. If you have thoughts running through your mind write them down and get them out of your system. Once all your thoughts are written down on paper (or put in your laptop or into your notepad in your cell phone) you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can nod off.

Tip number four. Have a power nap. If you’re super tired during the day don’t deprive yourself of sleep. If you’re in Maths class and you’re bored then just doze off. Just kidding! Don’t do that. But if you can have a 10-15 minute kip at some point (preferably not during class) it will really boost your energy levels.

Tip number five. Pick one day of the week to hit the sack early. If you go day after day getting to bed late and not getting enough sleep you will eventually crack. It could even be a major meltdown! No one can be at their best when they don’t catch up on sleep. So plan to catch it up. Pick a day each week that you will hit the sack early and just stick to it like glue. It will make a world of difference.

If you do nothing else, make sure you find a way to make sleep a priority in your life. It’s truly amazing what a difference a good night’s sleep can have. If you want high energy and a zest for life to be a constant in your life, just sleep your way to it! Whatever works for you is what you should do. But give sleep great importance and you’ll certainly reap the benefits.

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