Why Sinusitis Should Be Treated Quickly

Sinusitis is a common enough condition. Many people experience it. A good advice for sinusitis sufferers is to seek treatment at once. Don’t let the discomfort worsen into something more serious. This is among the many infections that could persist for quite a long time when not given enough attention.

Sinusitis is what we call to an inflammation of nasal passages that could be due to various factors, including allergy, viral infections and autoimmune diseases. Sinus infection has two main classifications: acute and chronic. Acute and chronic sinus infections are mainly classified by their duration. An acute sinus infection can go on for two to four weeks, while the more persistent chronic sinus infection lasts for twelve weeks or more.

It is more common for people to experience acute sinusitis. However, there are no big differences when it comes to the symptoms of all types of sinusitis so it is usually difficult for people to identify what kind of sinus infection they have acquired.

People with sinusitis, either acute or chronic, may experience a congested nose as well as cough, fever, and headache. Other telling signs of a sinus infection are feelings of pressure to the head and pain especially when lying down or coughing.

You are likely to experience post nasal drip as well. This condition is characterized by a feeling of some mucus slowly falling down your throat behind the nose. Thus, you may also have a sore throat, which typically accompanies postnasal drip.

The potential risks of sinusitis are no laughing matter. There have been cases where serious complications arise due to an extended sinus infection lasting for months. Some illnesses develop into brain infection, seizures, coma, or even death. The reason for this is gleaned from a basic study of the human anatomy. The sinuses are positioned dangerously near the brain. Bacteria in the sinuses infect blood vessels. They spread to the bones. Eventually, they reach the brain. Other symptoms of sinus infections taking a serious turn are headaches, impaired vision, altered consciousness, and changes in personality.

If you suffer from severe sinusitis, you should consult a doctor to know the suitable treatment for your condition. Sinus surgery is most suitable if your problem can no longer be treated by optimal medication.

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