Why Roger Federer Is My Favorite Tennis Player

I admire many tennis professional players and am always inspired by their games. These professional players work very hard on and off court and their mentally and physically strong. I would always dream I can eventually be one of them; top 10 in the world with a grand slam title to my name. But this does not come easily. It takes hard work and countless hours of practice and on court it takes loads of sweat and determination to truly succeed. Although I like many players, my favorite player would be the number 1 in the world, Roger Federer. Roger Federer (born August 8, 1981) is a Swiss professional tennis player who, in 2004, became the world’s top tennis player.

My favorite tennis player would be Roger Federer because he has always been my greatest inspiration from young. From a young age, I have always been fascinated by his game style and how smart he is on court. I always loved how he would often mix up the pace and rhythm in rallies and use various shots to destabilize the opponent; forcing the opponent to make mistakes. Moreover, I admire his ability to stay cool and calm during the match and showing little emotion whatsoever if he wins or loses the point. Roger Federer uses his brains a lot to play and succeed in tournaments. No doubt the Swiss Maestro has a good serve and decent strokes however, whenever he steps on court, he plays with his head and uses his all-rounded game to his advantage. He serves and volleys, chips and charges, everything; this is what confuses his opponents. This is why many recon Federer as the genius in tennis. I also feel that whenever Federer steps on court, there is always this aura about him and that he is just so neat and majestic. Whenever I watch him play, I feel like he plays so gracefully and effortlessly that it is just so amazing and entertaining to watch the Swiss play.

Federer also has a competitive spirit that drives him to greater heights. He says ‘You always want to win. That is why you play tennis, because you love the sport and try to be the best you can at it.’ This shows that with his determined attitude, he managed to succeed and win 17 Grand Slam titles breaking the previous all-time men’s record of 14 by Pete Sampras. Federer’s list of achievements is countless and the Swiss has managed to break many records in his years of playing in the professional circuit.

With all these achievements, the Swiss still remains humble and is willing to learn and work even harder to achieve more and scale greater heights. He displays great sportsmanship on court and is always gracious when he wins or loses. I am always so inspired by his attitude as he is truly a remarkable sportsman with great character and amazing achievements.

In summary, Roger Federer has truly been an idol to me and he is indeed a remarkable person that has achieved so much with hard work. I have been motivated by him to work even harder and to play even smarter. I have indeed learnt a lot from his game. Alle Federer!

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