Why Resistance Training Is Something Everyone Needs To Do

Your overall fitness program can be complemented very nicely by adding a resistance training component. Using free weights or strength training machines and various exercises can be used in resistance training. This type of training can be implemented by anyone, male or female, young or old in just minutes a day. Once you understand why you should do resistance training, you will never understand why you did not do it before.

This type of exercise, when done properly, can give you optimal results as long as they are done correctly. You must focus upon getting proper training before starting any type of weight lifting or resistance exercises if you have never done them before. For simple exercises that require nothing but your own body, you can use a book or perhaps an online video. You will probably, however, need a trainer of some sort if you decide to use free weights or one of the machines at your local gym. If you are a beginner, and you need to use weights of any type, it is best to get professional advice at your local gym from the trainers on staff.

Your emotional state of mind would be greatly improved when she began resistance workouts. Aerobic exercise is well known for producing the “runner’s high,” but this is also true for weight lifting and other resistance exercises. Doing resistance training will quickly tire out your body causing this anaerobic effect to occur.

Your stress levels will definitely diminish and you will find yourself sleeping very well each night. This type of exercise will allow you to not only feel stronger and more confident every day. Just like aerobic exercise, there are both emotional and physical reasons for continuing to exercise.

Although aerobic exercise is effective at burning fat, resistance training can also do this with an additional benefit. This type of workout is referred to as the post workout calorie burn. What this entails is doing a vigorous anaerobic exercise that works your muscles enough to require recovery time. Lifting free weights, and doing this resistance exercise, can force your body to burn excess calories for up to 48 hours after completing the exercise. A similar effect can also be caused by doing cardio exercises, although the effect lasts mere hours.

Exercise routines can only be enhanced using a resistance workout regardless of your age. Only doing a few moderate workouts per week can be beneficial according to the latest research. So if you want to start enjoying the advantages offered by resistance training, choose an exercise program that appeals to you, and get started.

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