Why Reiki Courses Online Are Your Best Option

To Learn Reiki with online Reiki Courses is a new concept and one which challenges and divides the beliefs of Reiki Masters. Some Reiki masters believe that one must attend a class and be receive the sacred Reiki attunement in person whilst other masters believe one can be successfully attuned via distance attunement or even attune yourself to the energies of Reiki.

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Western Reiki started out the same way, with masters charging huge sums (up to $10,000) for master training. In the early part of the last century, even Western Reiki was surrounded by secrecy and mystery.So much so that there is now debate about how exactly to draw the symbols! Students had to commit them to memory and not write them down. Inevitable, different versions were remembered by different people, and we now have the strange phenomenon whereby different groups are claiming that their version of the symbols is the authentic and original version! Totally ridiculous!

However, Western Reiki has opened up over the past fifteen to twenty years. This has been party driven by great demand for Reiki classes which the old way couldn’t deal with in terms of keeping up with demand.Traditional masters and the more progressive ones agree on a number of things. First, the most important element of Reiki training is the quality of the master who is doing the training. Second, energy and healing power can be transmitted remotely with the proper training and experience.

They also agree wholeheartedly that attunement, which is the process of awakening the healing powers that forms the backbone of classes or courses for training can also happen remotely. So we have a situation where there is great demand for this healing art, an ability to train remotely, and vastly experienced masters who wish to make sure that those who want to be attuned get the best possible training. And we have the internet!

The modern-thinking masters saw the opportunity and developed Reiki courses online as a result. These Reiki classes are just as good as the more traditional ones from a quality perspective, as long as you select one which has been developed by a great master.Where they surpass the traditional classes is in terms of value and convenience. The bottom line is that you can get high quality Reiki classes using Reiki courses online for a fraction of the cost of traditional training.

The word Reiki, if broken down into its root words, means God’s Energy and Individual Life Force Energy. Reiki is currently a very popular form of energy healing, here and abroad. This healing practice started in Japan, but it has penetrated the healing practices of the West as well. Reiki practitioners are initiated to it by finishing a series of Reiki classes and by going through a process called “Attunement”.

Even if you have already had some experience with Reiki, some of these courses can help you advance more quickly and learn the truth about Reiki history. Even though new information concerning Usui (the original Reiki Master, teacher, trainer and healer) has come to light, some of the old myths relating the development of the healing energy are still prevalent.I have learned a lot about Reiki over the last couple of years. I began studying the use of the healing chakras when I was suffering from anxiety and depression. I am not exaggerating when I say that understanding the universal life energy has changed my life.

Usui- this is the original form of Reiki developed by Dr. Mikao Usui,Gendai – Gendai in English means modern. This is a form of Reiki that combines Usui Reiki with the current western concepts. Gendai Reiki is developed by Horoshi Doi of Japan.Rainbow – this form of Reiki is a combination of Usui, Shamanism, Mediation, Holistic Communication Sciences and so on.Karuna- this is a form of Reiki that is exclusive for masters and other lineages. Its literal translation means Reiki of Compassion.Gayatri- a form of healing combined with the 1,000 year old Gayatri Mantra

Tummo- this healing is combined with kundalini energy healing.Tibetan – this form of Reiki requires a practitioner to be an Usui master to receive attunement first. In this form of healing, Tibetan symbols are used.In choosing the right Reiki classes to will enroll in, it is very important to consider the personality of the student. Different schools of Reiki teaches different philosophies. There are some schools that consider symbols to be powerful while there are some schools who take symbols simply as a tool to get more comfortable with intending and channeling.

If you are a type of student who finds following rituals in a particular order more comfortable than otherwise, then a more symbolic-centric Reiki is more appropriate.Another thing to consider in choosing Reiki classes is the teacher’s methodology. There are some teachers who consider the attunement process as something sacred and may not be open to revealing symbols to non-students. However, there are also other teachers who have a more open approach in their teachings. In enrolling for a particular Reiki class, ask and understand the methodology of the teacher that you will be learning from.

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