Why Really should One Look at Substitute Therapy Approach For Mesothelioma?

Proven conventional therapies of Mesothelioma commonly concentrate on scaling down the progress of the disease as well as lessen the soreness, thus comforting the patient. But hardly there exists a complete treatment. A lot of alternative therapy procedures for Mesothelioma are obtainable which might be utilized together with the established treatments or in some circumstances replace them.

The decision depends completely on the patient and his state of wellness The common Alternative treatments for Mesothelioma are as follows:

1. Acupuncture Originated in China, Acupuncture entails insertion of extremely thin needle through the body at distinct pressure points. In a patient suffering from mesothelioma, acupuncture gives a very calming effect by eliminating the discomfort.

2. Aromatherapy In this substitute therapy strategy, distinct aromatic oil extracted from distinct herbs is employed to massage the patient or in giving bath towards the patient. The result can be a total mental relaxation which improves the emotional state of the patient. This helps in lowering the pain.

Feng Shui Practiced by the Chinese, Feng Shui therapy creates changes in the living environment of the patient, which can aid the mesothelioma patient psychologically.

3. Touch Therapy Touch Therapy is getting a lot more well-known in treating mesothelioma as an alternate treatment procedure. The patient is mentally relaxed with the nicely synchronized touch therapy and as a result there’s relief from the discomfort. Additionally, it cuts down the side effects from the conventional cancer therapy for instance chemotherapy.

Herbal & Nutritional Supplements

Numerous natural herbs have medicinal properties that can effectively treat many ailments including mesothelioma.

Usually nutrition supplements are given in addition to the herbal medicines for better results.

4. Homeopathy is usually a very common alternative therapy for mesothelioma. These drugs are thought to supply slow yet effective relief from symptoms and are clear of undesirable side effects associated with conventional treatment techniques.

5. Hypnotherapy, if practiced by an expert can bring about a complete relaxation in the patient who is undergoing therapy for mesothelioma.

6. Ozone Therapy. It has been scientifically documented over 60 years back that a rich oxygenated environment can slow down the growth of cancer cells. Ozone, a trivalent form of oxygen (chemical formula for oxygen is O2 and ozone is O3) is actually a known powerful oxidizing agent and can be effective in treating mesothelioma.

7. Massage therapy helps in both relaxation and discomfort relief. As an alternate remedy process to treat mesothelioma massage therapy is used in conjunction with the conventional treatments to give the patient relief from discomfort and relax the muscle tension.


Meditation has long been practiced to calm the mind and attain peace. Inside the remedy of mesothelioma meditation aids the patient to stay relaxed and accept their physical condition and therefore getting relief from discomfort

8. Yoga.

Originally practiced by the Hindu Yogis, yoga is really a combination of meditation and co-ordinated body movement. Practicing yoga induces a sense of oneness between the mind and the body and results in total relaxation which in turn ease the discomfort within the mesothelioma patient.

The main aim of the alternate treatments is to ease the pain and suffering of the mesothelioma patient by bringing about a mental and physical calmness. The fundamental concept is to follow a holistic approach towards the problem aiming at an overall improvement inside the physical and the mental well being of the patient. Various person may possibly benefit from distinct therapy as they get a break from the routine of hospital visit and chemotherapy.

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