Why My Ears Are Ringing

If you are suffering from tinnitus, or ringing in ears, you know how isolating a constant, persistent noise can be. A perpetual ringing in the ears can affect every aspect of your life; making sleep impossible and focusing on a task or conversation difficult. It can effect work life, relationships and hinder personal enjoyment. This is why preventing tinnitus is so essential.

The sounds associated with tinnitus can range from a dull ringing or humming to a loud buzzing. When first experienced, this medical condition can be confused for natural noises such as chirping insects or roaring water. Some people who are affected by tinnitus only experience the sounds infrequently or in intervals, while others have a consistent ringing from which they never experience relief.

Because usually the sufferer is the only person who hears the sound, tinnitus can be rather challenging task to diagnose. Also, tinnitus is not a disease. It is just a symptom of some other disorder in human system. This disorder can be either environmental or physical origin.

A common physical cause is wax buildup in the ear or a fluid stoppage caused by allergies or an embedded object. At the onset of ringing of the ears it is important to have an ear examination by a physician to spot any of these causes before moving on to narrowing down potential environmental causes. Pulsatile tinnitus is typically caused by disorder from physical origin.

Loud noises is the most common environmental factor that causes tinnitus. If you continuously expose to over 70 decibels noises it can be enough to damage your ears. One group of people who are at higher risk of experiencing tinnitus are musicians and deejays.

Exposure to loud noises during your spare time can also be the cause of tinnitus. Especially rock concerts can be damaging. So, when you are planning to go to a concert knowing that a noise can be very loud, don’t place yourself close to speakers. Also, control volume levels at home as well, especially when using headset.

Many industrial workers are also exposed to rather noisy environment. This is especially true when drilling and explosives are involved. For these people it is essential to protect their ears always when working in such environment.

Some drugs can also cause your ears ringing. Certain medications cause sensitivity in the ears which may cause tinnitus in some cases. For instance, some antibiotics, or even high doses of aspirin, can be the cause of your tinnitus. If you have to spend a lot of time in high decibels discuss with your doctor before accepting any prescription medicines.

Preventing is the best cure for tinnitus. Don’t expose your ears too loud noises. A life without tinnitus is a life worth living.

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  1. Edward Rezek says:

    1 in the most common leads to of tinnitus is hurt towards the nerves within the inner ear. The way in which the ear operates means that seems cross through the outer ear, as a result of the center ear and on for the internal ear. The internal ear contains the nerves that send these sounds for your mind to get interpreted. When the nerves get destroyed, unusual impulses is often despatched, triggering the human brain to believe that there may be sound. This explains the several kinds of sound that could possibly be heard as a result of tinnitus.

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