Why is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Important?

In order to figure out why the manual lymphatic drainage massage is so important, it becomes necessary to understand what lymphatic drainage massage does to the body. The major effects of this form of massage are to the lymphatic system and getting an idea about that system is also important. You will find plenty of massage London therapists and holistic practitioners who can perform this kind of massage.

Peal Massage London- The Lymphatic Drainage Massage – What it is
This is a massage that enhances the natural circulation of lymph fluid in the body and is performed with very little pressure. The pressure applied is actually lesser than nine ounces per square inch and the movements are rhythmic and circular. Lymphatic drainage massage can prevent the formation of lymph nodes and it can also help eliminate already swollen nodes.

Finding Out about the Lymphatic System
The function of the lymphatic system is basically to aid the immune system and to remove excess fluid and waste materials. A third function of this system is also to provide necessary nutrients from blood to cells by working alongside the circulatory system. Swollen lymph nodes are caused when the lymph is unable to drain normally which may cause problems like lymphedema and infection.

Quality Pearl Massage London- Understanding Lymph
Plasma that originates as the fluid portion of blood is known as Lymph. As the heart pumps blood, the blood that flows out will slow down when moving through the capillary bed. some of the blood plasma gets inside tissues because of this slowing down.
This fluid is then known as extracellular fluid or interstitial tissue fluid. This fluid is not found in the cells but actually flows between cells to deliver oxygen, hormones and nutrients to cells. When this fluid leaves the cells it takes protein cells and waste materials out.

Circulation of Lymph
Roughly about ninety percent of this liquid becomes plasma again and becomes part of the circulatory system but the remaining ten percent is left behind and called lymph. Lymph finally passes through the lymph nodes and the lymphatic system.
There is an increase and decrease in size of lymph nodes constantly where lymph gets filtered to become plasma. There are over six to seven hundred lymph nodes in the human body, and their main purpose is to act as a filter. Damaged lymph nodes do not regenerate.

Lymph Problems & Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Lymphatic system problems or lymph problems arise. A person may suffer from excess fluid accumulation that further results in swelling. One of the widely known treatments for these problems is the Lymphatic drainage massage. Many massage London venues can offer you this form of therapy and manual lymph drainage is a successful method of treatment for such problems. Lymphatic drainage massage should be used in conjunction with exercise and compression garments. Cheap Massage London

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