Why is it important to remove the outer dead layers of your skin?

Your skin is very similar to an onion. The outer dead layer is thin, has little or no moisture which is dull and flaky. As you start peeling away from the layers, you will get to the thicker moist layers. Your skin may be very comparable to that example.

That’s the reason the cosmetic industry has created various methods of taking off the surface layers of skin with chemical peels, lasers and dermabrasion. Furthermore they incorporate retinol creams in the after care program. Retinols are scientifically shown to stimulate new collagen, elastin fibers and increase cellular turnover so newer skin cells are coming to the top faster.

However, the over-the-counter and prescription creams use synthetic retinoids derived from a by-product of gasoline refining called Isoprene. For retinol to stimulate the fibroblast (stem cells) in the skin, it has to be converted to another retinoid called retinoic acid.

The main problem with synthetic retinol vs natural retinol is that it takes 20 times more synthetic to produce the same amount of retinoic acid as the natural form. That excess retinol floating around can create side-effects, some very serious.

Also, most skin peel items are centered on chemicals, mainly glycolic acid, salicylic acid or lactic acid. Glycolic acid is a derivative of an industrial antifreeze. A fascinating fact about salicylic acid: It possesses a higher toxic score than parabens. The environmental working group gives it a 6 and parabens a 5. The lactic acid utilized in peels is generally not produced from milk, it is an acid derived from fermenting the waste products of corn processing. It’s actually a very toxic chemical and has to generally be handled with extreme caution.

All of these chemicals will possibly cause death or at the minimum a lengthy stay in the hospital if ingested. Even the so-called natural products which say something like “pumpkin enzyme” or “fruit juice peel,” contain toxic chemicals.

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