Why Green Tea Should Be Part of Your Healthy Diet Plan

Green living is popular with people today for many good reasons. Minimizing electric bills is what appeals to some people, but others hope to save the environment. One other rationale for trying green living is to preserve one’s health. There are numerous types of green drinks that are good for your health, but one most notably has been around for a long time; green tea. The Chinese have been drinking green tea for countless generations. Recently the western world has discovered the weight loss qualities of green tea.

Losing weight actually comes down to burning off a lot more calories than you take in. Burning up calories with exercise takes exertion and many people are looking for an easier way to burn off fat. You’ll find out you can accomplish this with green tea. It is one weight loss aid that really works in helping people lose weight. Green tea is also good for your overall health and has no side effects, as do many weight loss supplements. Bad cholesterol is in fact lowered when you drink it, and insulin levels are also regulated.

When you drink green tea your urge for food is suppressed and your metabolic process speeds up, causing more unwanted fat to be burned. While losing weight is a key benefit of Green Tea, there are many others. One thing that is called for to protect the body from disease is potent antioxidants that fight disease-causing free radicals. To guard against cancer and heart disorders, a diet very high in antioxidants is encouraged.

What additional benefits can green tea provide? Having a lower caffeine content than coffee or regular tea means that it is better for you. Green tea does speed up metabolism, but it does not lead to heart palpitations or the shakes like other products with caffeine. Studies have demonstrated that people who have caffeinated drinks with their low-calorie diet lose more weight.

Green tea also is made up of Catechins. Catechins are herbal antioxidants that can be present in many plants, like the coffee plant and the cocoa plant. While catechins are also found in black tea, they are altered during the fermentation process that black tea is subjected to. Given that green tea is unfermented, which results in the catechins in their pure state, it is better for you than black tea.

Research indicates that catechins reduce the quantity of fat absorbed from food, making Green Tea an optimal weight loss supplement. This not only helps minimize cholesterol, but also regulates the buildup of fat in the body. Green tea also is made up of L-theanine, a core necessary protein. L-theanine has a comforting effect on the body by releasing Dopamine from the brain. When your body calms down you feel a feeling of tranquility. L-theanine decreases the side effects that caffeine also has on the body. That would be the main reason that the caffeine in green tea creates less effects than other products with caffeine.

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