Why Cosmetic Surgery Changes Some People’s Lives

Cosmetic surgery has never been more popular than it is today. According to the ASPS [American Society of Plastic Surgeons], there are literally millions of procedures performed each year in the US alone. Most of these procedures are geared toward anti-aging and the preservation of a youthful appearance. Of all the operations and procedures available, certain surgeries tend to top the lists as most frequently performed.

For a great many people, plastic surgery presents an opportunity to look and feel better than they ever have before. When consumers have bought into an idea of beauty, they wish to get as close to that ideal as they can . Many consumers feel that certain procedures make it possible to get infinitely closer to that ideal than they ever would naturally. This is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of elective surgeries.

One might be under the impression that elective surgeries are primarily undergone by older patrons. Realistically, however, men, women, even children, of every age group routinely go ‘under the knife’. The single largest statistical group to undergo plastic surgeries are women. But this is mostly due to the fact that, in many societies, women are expected to adhere to much stricter standards of beauty than are men.

One has but to look at which procedures are most popular, to get an idea of some of the most commonly presented beauty standards. Breast augmentation, for instance, where a patient gets implants to make the breasts larger, is an incredibly commonly performed operation. Large, full breasts, in many places, are considered very desirable attributes.

Breasts that are perky and shapely are often discerned as desirable because, for some, they enhance attractiveness and sexual appeal. Different standards involving beauty are espoused depending on where in the world you go. Nose jobs, for instance, are another incredibly popular operation. But, what the patient is asking to have done will be different based on what circles that patient most often frequents.

Another example of undesirable characteristics leading to enhancement procedures, is hair transplants. Women far outrank men in terms of sheer numbers who undergo cosmetic procedures. However, statistically speaking, the vast majority of hair transplant patients are invariably men. Because balding, in a great many cultures, is a characteristic that men rigorously seek to avoid.

While some people wish they wouldn’t age at all, most would at least like to ‘grow old gracefully’. However, a great many people do not believe they will be able to do that without aide. Often times, the media adds to these fears by incessantly presenting consumers with deliberately youthful, ‘perfect’ figures.

What ends up forming is a core base of consumers who have bought into the archetypes of beauty. They wish to make themselves look as much like these images as they can. They want to have the feeling of youth and vitality that to them are signified by youthful, toned, firm, bodies. In the eyes of many, cosmetic surgery offers the possibility of achieving those goals, and holding on to the results for much longer periods of time.

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