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To some patients’ surprise, some practitioners require that their new patients receive a chiropractic x-ray. After all, patients typically expect a physical examination of the troubled area. It typically is. However, it is important to ensure that a correct diagnosis has been made before a treatment regimen is chosen. It is not guaranteed that a chiropractor will perform an x-ray and any imaging will certainly occur only after the practitioner has performed a thorough examination and discussed symptoms.

A palpation and an examination of the neck and spine is the first step in a typical chiropractic examination. The diagnosis is made by the practitioner using gentle pressure to identify the source of the problem. There are, however, conditions that even a skilled chiropractor cannot identify in this manner. If a serious condition is possible, the chiropractor may use x-rays in order to confirm or deny the existence of the problem.

Chiropractic x-rays can uncover issues that cannot be seen. The majority of issues, however, are caused by misalignment of the vertebrae. The first step to successful treatment is often a simple manual adjustment. In some cases, however, certain equipment may be utilized in order to provide deeper treatment.

Some conditions, including infections, inflammation, and growths, require treatment from a different doctor. An x-ray may be used in order to determine whether these more serious issues exist. The type of doctor required can also be determined using medical imaging.

A chiropractor may choose to perform an x-ray for a number of good reasons. One reason may be in the case of athletic injuries as well as in injuries that occur in older individuals. In the event that discomfort continues despite chiropractic treatment, an x-ray can be used to determine whether a more serious issue exists. Naturally, if serious trauma is the cause of the pain, an x-ray should be performed as early as possible.

A chiropractic examination can often uncover what the cause of discomfort is. It is not uncommon for the pain source and the pain itself to be located separately, a fact that experienced chiropractors are well aware of. A chiropractor may choose to use an x-ray to confirm diagnosis. In the case of serious misalignments, it may be necessary for an x-ray to be performed so that the problem can be visualized. It is sometimes necessary for the problem to be localized to a specific cervical or lumbar area. This helps the chiropractor create a more effective treatment regimen.

Chiropractors are fortunately equipped with the required imaging equipment. You don’t need to go elsewhere. After a diagnosis is made, treatment can begin immediately.

Dr. Steven Schram is a Chiropractor in NYC. Find out more about chiropractors and x-rays at his website about Chiropractors NYC.

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