Why Changing Your Body Isn’t A Good Idea

Have you ever felt like there was something wrong with your face or wrong with your body? Had an imperfection? Women in the United States look in the mirror thirty one times a day, where as men look in the mirror fifteen times a day. The most common way of people changing an imperfection or changing a body is through cosmetic surgery. Have you ever wondered why people get cosmetic surgery with all the pain, stress and drama that come along with getting cosmetic surgery? What draws people to get cosmetic surgery? What impacts people to want to get work done? What are the dangers of getting cosmetic surgery? How much does it cost? If you have ever wondered any of these questions, here is your chance to be able to find the answers to these questions.

Drop dead gorgeous people are the draw. We all want to be liked, looked at, and admired- it’s in our nature. However if you have obsessed over being the next top model, or just the next turn head babe have you considered the whys, what’s and how’s of it all?

Firm skin, lush lips, long eyelashes, smooth neck, no wrinkles or veins or any kind anywhere, and flabby skin- get out! Not an ounce of fat, stretch marks, or flab anywhere…perfect? We are not so sure but the public seems to have an outcry for not enough perfect people or at least that is what the media portrays and we buy into the idea and put ourselves through misery to be the next “eye candy” person.

Sexy is all the rage but have we ever stopped to think what this pushed image is doing to our society? Well according to The American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons, younger and younger people are coming in for cosmetic surgery to try to fit in with their peers, in fact according to ACS, over 33,000 people eighteen years of age and younger have had some form of cosmetic surgery.

Let’s not forget the pain as well, not only physically but the pressure we are putting on our young people. Teens watch and they want to be liked just as much as adult- in fact many times more, so if they continue to see adults rushing to a surgeon every time they don’t like something with their body what do you think teens are going to do? You bet, only most will go into debt to pay for some procedures that they think need to be done to help them look better so they can “fit in” better with their peers.

The influences that we see for cosmetic surgery through beauty, romance, fashion, fitness, and celebrities will never back down, in fact porn is only a growing market, but it that what you really want people to focus on when they look at you- your body alone? If they really love and care about you they will love you- all of you, with any and all imperfections. Save your time, save your money, go and enjoy life, don’t get caught up in the media trap of perfection because there is really no such thing.

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