Why Cardio is the Worst Way to Lose Weight!

Why Cardio is the Worst Way to Lose Weight!

How to Lose 26 Pounds in 7 Weeks

If you randomly ask ten people what type of exercise they should to do fire up their metabolism and burn fat, most of them would say “do lots of cardio!”. Little do they know, there have been thousands of studies that show short-burst strength training is the most efficient way to lose fat.

There are many benefits to short-burst exercises. The first is obvious the time savings. Everyone nowadays has hectic lifestyles, juggling work, kids etc. and have little time to spare. A normal short-burst session lasts just 15 minutes and you only have to do them 3 times a week. This is a big difference from the standard 90 minutes, 5 days a week you’d have to do with cardio programs.

The second benefit is the fact that short-burst exercises actually cause your metabolism to run high for up to 24 hours after the session. This is very important for long term weight loss.

The third and last benefit is the fact that short-burst exercises burn carbohydrates instead of calories. What is the difference? The burning of carbohydrates makes it more difficult for your body to store fat! Did you know that after a cardio session your body sends a signal to store fat until your next workout? This is why you have to kill yourself doing cardio, it is very ineffective in all aspects and is not ideal for those in a rush to lose weight fast.

One of the best places to learn how to properly do short-burst exercises is Rob Poulo’s “The Fat Burning Furnace” program. Besides the short-burst exercises, it also has a unique dieting system called “calorie shifting’ that forces your body into burning more calories than it’s taking in. More than 10,000 people have joined The Fat Burning Furnace and on average have lost 26 pounds in just 7 weeks.

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The Fat Burning Furnace is an easy to follow diet program perfect for people who don’t want to count calories, carbs or fat. It uses only new dieting techniques and secrets that get the fastest results with only half the effort. By following the program you can Lose 26 Pounds In 7 Weeks while Exercising just 45 Minutes a Week.

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