Why Building Muscular Weight is Good For Your Physical Health

As they age, people lose muscle tissue at an average of 3-4 pounds per decade. If the person is inactive, over the same 10 years, he will score a similar amount of fat. A superior way to avoid these unpleasant happenings is regular workouts at home with adjustable dumbbells. Why? The reality is, a pound of muscle burns 50 more calories a day than a pound of fat does.

At first notice, 50 calories might seem an insignificant figure. But think about it, having increased five pounds of muscle mass, you would burn 500 calories per day more than usual. Let’s envisage 2 men with similar body weight – eighty pounds. One is a bodybuilder and the other an ordinary man, who does no sport nor other physical activity. As regards the bodybuilder, twenty kilograms of his body weight is muscle. He can therefore burn 2,000 calories a day more than his sedentary companion. Muscles burn calories automatically. Also, a further 500 calories are consumed during training.

Many people think that cardiovascular activity develops all muscle groups. Nevertheless, if you look closely, most cardio systems pay little or no attention to the upper body. In reality, 65-70% of your muscle is concentrated there. And in light of the fact that the ordinary man between the ages of 25 and 65 will steadily lose about 40% of his physical strength, weight training, again, is the best choice.

Another point favoring bodybuilding – energy costs. Scientists have determined that weight trainers burn 9 times more fat than people who do cardiovascular exercise. Although aerobic exercises take more energy, strength exercises deliver a more stable and long lasting result. The calorie-burning carries on long after the workout is over (even while you sleep), which is not the case with cardio exercise.

The same thing applies for the delivery of oxygen to the body. The fact is that oxygen saturation is directly related to the duration and intensity of exercise. High-intensity training affords the athlete a long period of oxygen saturation. In addition, after such training, lipolytic activity dramatically increases fat-burning enzymes. Yet, after cardiovascular workouts, strangely enough, this activity slows down!

Scientists have yet more proof that weight training increases the ability of muscles to take up blood glucose. Therefore, muscle building is a good preventer of age-related changes that could result in diabetes.

We wish you only the safe and effective workout!

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