Why Adults Feel They Can’t Get A GED

There are many reasons that adults give themselves to “prove” they can’t possibly earn a GED. We are here, however, to disprove those myths and tell you why and how you can – and should – pursue a GED. Did you know that close to 40 million American adults have not earned a high school diploma? In today’s economic and job market, however, there is a push to help those individuals get back into school and earn a GED as a way to pursue not only higher education but higher paying employment.

Many adults believe it is simply too hard to go back to school after having been out for several years to pursue a GED. While it may not be easy to earn a GED, especially if you’re employed full-time or have a family to raise, it is not impossible. There are local high schools, colleges, and online programs that offer GED preparation courses for those looking to earn this degree. You will need to find a school and a program that feel comfortable for you or you can even purchase books or follow an online curriculum to achieve a GED.

You probably dropped out of school for several reasons, one of them being that you simply weren’t interested in being there. Let’s face it, high school classes can be boring to a young adult who is looking to get out and explore the world. Now that you’re an adult though, you are likely more focused and can now see the need for, and the importance of, earning a GED. You probably know yourself better now too, so find a way to learn and earn your GED that suits you best. Do you learn better online? In a lecture hall? From audio? By reading books? Know what works best for you and approach earning your GED in that way.

There could be no time in your schedule to sit in a classroom and learn the information needed to pass a GED, especially if you’re working and raising a family. Look for schools and online programs that offer flexible review and testing schedules to accommodate your work schedule. Another fear that adults have is that they’re worried they won’t remember everything that was taught in school and that they can’t learn or relearn the information they’d missed. Keep in mind that unlike high school competency exams, the GED curriculum and the exam focus on items such as communications, math, fundamental skills and critical thinking. There won’t be hours spent memorizing facts, dates and figures.

Do you need a GED? Maybe not but if you want to not only survive, but thrive in today’s difficult economic climate and either remain employed or find employment. A GED could set you apart from your co-workers and from other individuals who are seeking employment. When an employer is faced with a stack of applications from potential employees, he or she may simply discard the applications from individuals who don’t have a high school diploma or a GED. If you’re currently employed and are looking to move up the ranks at your company having a GED or going back to earn one, will give you an edge over your coworkers who may be in the same boat as you — not having earned a diploma or GED. Bear in mind that earning a GED can help you become employed, remain employed or even earn higher wages at your current job. Those reasons, in addition to a boost in your self esteem, are more than enough of a reason as to why you should go back to earn a GED.

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