Why A Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Is Possibly The Best Spy Cameras

My grandmother still lives with the family at age 90. Since we worked and did not have the time to look after her, we entrusted her to a care provider. On the following weeks, everybody began airing concerns about nana’s worsening state of health and had a nagging feeling that she was not being overseen adequately.

We wanted solid evidence of this, so I recommended procuring spy cameras that could watch over the daily activities of the caretaker. We got a hidden camera alarm clock on the Internet. It is a covert camera that pretends to be a mere alarm clock. The rationale behind the purchase was that the caretaker would not be guarded with her actions, not having the slightest hint that a security camera was concealed in an alarm clock.

In fact, the hidden camera alarm clock is a working alarm clock. We agreed to put it in grandma’s bedroom so that we could keep tabs on how the caretaker attended to her. As the DVR was built-in, it eliminated any setup since the camera had its own video recorder.

The DVR was equipped with motion detection, meaning that it would begin recording after activity was determined to be taking place in the targeted room. Thus, we were assured that every recording would reveal some sort of physical action.

Our hidden camera alarm clock could further prevent activity from animals from setting off the recording. Since nana’s pet cat usually moved around the room, it could make the DVR commence recording. With motion detection area masking, this would not be possible at all.

The recordings could be viewed on a television by connecting this with the camera via the provided RCA cable. Another way was on a laptop or desktop computer where we could plug in its free 8GB SD card.

Once the hidden camera alarm clock was in position, we made it a point to look at the clips every day. At first, nothing significant was being shot. A week ago, though, we ascertained that the care provider disobeyed instructions as to the time of our grandmother’s medications. We became sure of it after observing the frequency with which she entered the premises with the medicine pads in tow.

The caretaker acknowledged her shortcomings after we viewed the footage with her and she was given the boot. We realized that families should have spy cameras to help them catch irresponsible house help.

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