Who wins? – Phen375 and Proactol

In this review I'm going to show you a couple of the main products that are in heavy demand in our market today. The 2 products namely Proactol and Phen 375. We're going to compare these 2 based primarily on their quality, trustworthiness and other functions. In each round we may declare which one is better and at the end we'll come up with a winner.

Term of Effects

Phen375 is a fast effecting product whereby upon taking this tablet, in one or two days you will already see the effects. It truly works fast and gives you the maximum effects. Not like Proactol that take a long while for you to witness the results.

For this round: Phen375


Each of the products are 100% safe because both are made from organic ingredients, which does not only use effective ingredients but they're prime quality.

For this round: Tie

Safety and Security

The makers of the products both are well know whereby they're guaranteed to be tested and evaluated by execs before supplying it in the market, this promises you that these products won't harm you and your system.

For this round: Tie


Proactol will give your body a strong hunger control which allows you to lessen the amount and intake of food, but it won't let you starve. This is the effects of the pill wherein it'll help your body be full regardless of if you simply ate a couple.

Phen375 has the same hunger control but the difference is it has an energy boosting effect on your body which lets you perform more than before but will still not permit you to starve from hunger.

For this round: Phen375


To conclude this review, Both of the products work and assures you to have the satisfaction of losing weight. The difference is just with some of what the product offers. Proactol wins in the refund service, Phen375 on the other hand takes the control and term of effects category due to its energy boosting ability and fast acting effects.

This article talks about Phen 375. This review talks about the comparison between Phen375 and Proactol. Read full review now!

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