Who to talk to for nutritional supplement information?

Alright I am getting quite frustrated about looking up nutritional information on the internet and getting bombarded with forums for different weightlifting websites. The information that people offer is great but I am looking for a more reliable source. Most people state information with no reference. My question is, does anyone know who I should talk to for knowledgeable, unbiased nutritional supplement information? By nutritional supplement I mean creatine, protein, glutamine, dextrose, etc.

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  1. Ok well, I work at a supplement store in Queensland, Australia and have had affiliation with nutrition now for quite a while. I don't have a Uni Degree or a Bachelors Certificate placed up on the wall or anything but i'd be happy to offer my help in regards to any queries you may have.

    If your interested – I can give you my email. Just add my account.

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