Who is Jay Kubassek?

Jay Kubassek’s name resonates in the online business industry. Jay is not only a successful entrepreneur but he has also made a name for himself in helping others. The company he co founded, CarbonCopyPRO is responsible for developing an automatic turn key marketing and sales system that has drastically leveled the playing field for amateur entrepreneurs. This multimillion dollar enterprise is also to be credited for creating the world’s first and foremost e-learning center for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Jay was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. On the contrary, he spent his childhood in a rather austere way on his family’s farm in Ontario. Jay talks about his childhood and teenage years as far from that of a normal Canadians. He grew up on hand me downs, was home schooled, and virtually had minimal access to the outside world. Driven to find success for himself, Jay set out to the US and found himself in Kansas City working as a muffler salesman for Midas. Recognizing that he was struggling to stay afloat given the meager salary he was earning, he tried his hands on trading commodities. He aimed to save enough for a college education. A college degree was what he thought was his ticket to success. As Jay said, he was begrudged the reality that he only had an equivalent of 8th grade education. However, he lost all his investments during the Enron and Worldcom fiasco.

These challenges did not deter him in any way. He later pursued part time online businesses to augment his income. Years of trial and error enabled him to develop his own system to make large earnings from his business. He then quit Midas when he was making more from his business. CarbonCopyPRO was established by him, Alan Moore, and Aaron Parkinson in 2007. The partners aim to provide their fellow internet entrepreneurs the techniques, marketing tools, and skills to help build up and run a successful business. The efficient and well structured business management program they developed enables even the novices to cut their learning curves and market like a pro. This eventually addresses the problem of replication of success. Till this day, CCPRO comes up with various products and strategies to assist individuals in achieving financial freedom.

Jay Kubassek has this sincere passion in helping others. He seeks to create positive impact in the lives of others through his philanthropy. The website he launched that is dedicated to advance his causes charities is now nearing its third year. Visitors are provided the information about Jay’s selected charities and are given the freedom to directly contribute to them.

Entrepreneurship and philanthropy are not the only activities that make Jay busy. In the past few years Jay has also engaged in professional speaking, extreme sports, international real estate investment, and film production. The film production and distribution company that he created, Aliquot Films, has produced three indie films and documentaries so far. Chelsea on the Rocks and Meskada have debuted in the Cannes Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival respectively. What he has achieved in a short span of 6 years never fails to inspire and motivate anyone.

The life story of Jay Kubassek is an inspiration to many. He is not just an established entrepreneur. He is also a real estate investor, film producer, loving father and husband, extreme sports enthusiast, and philanthropist. He is a man with passion to help other people. His achievements in life inspire anyone.

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